11 Reasons to Choose Wise Loan for Loans and Credit



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What makes people choose Wise Loan when they’re looking for a personal loan or a way to build their credit? We wanted to know too, so we did a survey to ask our customers. Find out more below about the reasons our customers work with us and why you might want to apply for a loan too.

11 Factors That Seal the Deal for Wise Loan Customers

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Ten factors came up in our survey as the reasons people used Wise Loan. We’ve included them all below and explained more about them and how we include them in our processes.

1. Fast Funding

For many people, the speed of the funding is important when getting a personal loan. Some individuals need this money fast because it’s meant to cover emergency expenses such as car repairs, a new home AC installation or medical bills. Waiting weeks for a check to show up in the mail isn’t an option.

Wise Loan provides quick funding for approved borrowers. Money is deposited into a person’s bank account the next business day or, in many cases, the same day. Instant funding might be available for those who apply and are approved early enough in the day, meaning they can get money in their account the same day.

2. Respect

People want to experience a positive loan application and borrowing process that demonstrates respect for them. At Wise Loan, we treat every customer with dignity — our processes are friendly and professional, whether you’re approved for funding or not. Once you become a customer, we work alongside you to help you meet your financial goals because what’s important to you is important to us.

3. Fast, Easy Application

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Our customers love that the Wise Loan application and approval process is easy. Completing the application takes only a few minutes for most people, and we don’t hang a bunch of hoops for you to jump through. 

Approval takes only a few minutes, and with our instant funding you may be able to receive your money the same day.

4. Sufficient Loan Amounts

The loan amounts available are another important consideration. When applying for a personal installment loan, you want to get the amount of funding that covers your need. Customers in our survey reported that Wise Loan provided sufficient loan amounts for their purposes. 

5. Flexible Loan Terms

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Your loan term — how long you take to pay back the loan — impacts the overall cost of the debt as well as the amount you pay each month. Being able to choose from several options for the loan term makes it easier to find funding that works with your financial situation and needs.

6. Ongoing Support for Financial Goals

The team at Wise Loan works with you, ensuring you understand all your options, so you can make the best decision for your financial future. We provide ongoing support that helps you build or maintain credit, such as reporting timely payments to the credit bureaus. Plus, we work with people with all types of credit histories and provide some incentives for managing your account responsibly. 

7. Self-Serve Options

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Communication is important, but not everyone wants a ton of it. Some of our customers chose Wise Loan because there were self-serve loan activities that kept interaction to a minimum. If you’re not into tons of phone contact or like to figure things out mostly on your own, this is an option!

8. Flexible Contact Options

Speaking of communication, another thing our customers said they liked about working with Wise Loan is the flexible options. Whether you’re comfortable with text-based methods like chats or email or you want someone to walk you through the process on the phone, we make it possible. Call our customer care line, click the “let’s chat!” button or click contact us to get started.

9. Affordable Fees

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How much interest or fees you pay on your loan matters. You’re not made of money — after all, you wouldn’t need us if you were! And we don’t treat our customers as if they have all the money in the world to pay interest. Our affordable loan structures make it possible for those with lower than average credit to get approved while coming in below pricey payday loan models.

10. Leniency in Collections

The ability to “work it out” was important for many of our customers. We work with customers to resolve issues and help ensure optimal chances at success instead of automatically turning to collections and other harsh measures. Wise Loan customers know they can contact us as soon as they have an issue to learn about what options they have.

11. Communication

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Out of all eleven factors, customers rated communication concerns as the most important. That included respectful treatment, minimum interaction and flexible communication options. At Wise Loan, we honor the needs and wants of our customers, going out of the way to ensure respectful communication that works for each person.

Obviously, all of the above factors are important, though, and we work hard to live up to the expectations of current and future customers. Here are some things current customers are saying:

  • Wise Loan is a “real, legit company out here to help people when they are in need.”
  • “They gave me another chance to pay my loan off and a lower monthly payment that helped.”
  • “The most important part is getting good terms to repay, and that’s what I got with Wise Loan.”

Ready to Experience the Wise Loan Difference for Yourself?

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Find out more about our responsible lending approach and learn more about installment loans and credit on our blog. Then, apply for a loan of your own. It takes minutes and, depending on your bank, you can have the money as soon as today or next business day.

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