15 Patreon Artists You Should Know About



Art by By Bun

Want to learn something? Need a laugh? Or do you just feel like taking a trip to a strange new world full of magical, musical frogs? These Patreon artists have you covered.

To say it’s been a hard year would be the understatement of the century. But even when everything has been so tough that you want to curl up like a scared hedgehog and cry, these Patreon artists have kept us entertained with smart, thoughtful takes on society, relationships, and gestures wildly all of this. They’ve become some of our favorites to come back to over and over again for a breath of fresh air. Check them out and maybe you’ll find the laugh you’ve been looking for. Or maybe you’ll just enjoy this creepy bird cartoon. Either way, these creators are worth a closer look.

Embedded content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_MSFkZHNi43,134 patrons

Felix Colgrave has directed a Nicki Minaj video and storyboarded for Childish Gambino. His popular Patreon page, however, is focused on his own music and animations, which are combined in short films that have racked up as many as 47 million YouTube views. Sometimes charming, sometimes spooky, every video takes you on a surreal multimedia adventure.

What they offer patrons$5 patrons can be the first to see Colgrave’s new films, as well as behind-the-scenes content. If you’re a hardcore fan, $30 will give you access to rough cuts and get your name in the credits.

Loish illustration

3,437 patrons

Loish has been a successful freelance artist for 15 years with high-profile clients ranging from Lego to Coca-Cola. Her Patreon allows her to focus on her own creations, many of which feature women in surreal settings like expressive fairy tales coming to life before your eyes.

What they offer patronsA $5 tier gives patrons access to every perk Loish offers, including early looks at finished projects and tutorial videos for artists looking to learn from her.

Frannerd illustration

2,869 patrons

Illustrator Fran Meneses has created zines, graphic novels, and t-shirts, but it’s her doodles about everyday life that really capture her light, witty tone. From the trials and tribulations of artistic life to reminders not to be too hard on yourself, Meneses’ cartoons feel like a friend offering insight, advice, and a few good jokes to keep you grounded.

What they offer patronsJust $1 gives patrons access to Meneses’ Discord and a biweekly podcast. At $10, you can join Meneses in a live drawing session where patrons are encouraged to practice alongside her and ask about her creative process.

Paul Castle illustration

When Paul Castle was 16-years-old, a rare disease took 85% of his vision. And so the goal of this Patreon artist is simple: create as much as he can, while he can. Castle’s whimsical prints of animals, gnomes, and other cuddly creatures have lit up children’s bedrooms and served as anniversary gifts, while a 2021 calendar highlighted key moments in LGBTQ history. Castle’s Disney fan art is especially popular, if you’ve ever thought about launching your own fan art Patreon.

What they offer patronsThere are six tiers to choose from, all of which give you access to Castle’s Discord server and an entry in a monthly giveaway. At $15 you’ll also get the chance to unwind with a monthly coloring page created by Paul, among a variety of other exclusive content.

By Bun art 2

294 patrons

By Bun is known for two things: innovative mixed media creations, and her adorable pugs. Her prints, tarot cards, and mini-journals are crammed full of vibrant work that’s equally amusing and disturbing, while her online classes will teach you how to carefully plan out a piece that looks chaotic. Oh, and if you want a glimpse of those dogs, they might just pop up on her vlog.

What they offer patronsFour tiers culminate in a $15 offering that gives you Discord access, exclusive content that includes downloads and videos, and a 15% discount from her Etsy shop

Mona Chalabi illustration

Data science isn’t usually associated with art, but Mona Chalabi is blending them into valuable educational resources. A contributor to FiveThirtyEight, the Guardian, and other major publications, Chalabi uses her Patreon presence to cut through the morass of daily news and deliver clear, vigorously researched information on COVID symptoms, racial bias in eviction proceedings, and other essential subjects. Her patrons contribute too, as feedback on formats and color palettes help Chalabi ensure that her work is accessible to everyone.

What they offer patronsJust $2 allows you to view work in progress, while $10 will see a print shipped to your home every quarter.

Chibird art

502 patrons

Even if you don’t know Chibird’s name you’ve almost certainly seen their work, as their ghost hug GIF has been used on social media approximately five bajillion times. Chibird’s GIFs and comics are created with the explicit goal of brightening your day, a goal we can all appreciate right now.

What they offer patronsThree tiers are available, with the middle $15 tier sending an exclusive enamel pin and upbeat postcard to you every month.

Hubman and Chubgirl illustration

1,314 patrons

Relationships are hard. Hubman and Chubgirl are trying to make them a bit easier. Their webcomic about their own relationship is adorable, but doesn’t gloss over challenges like their long but successful struggle to conceive (or the struggle to stay interested in your partner’s clothes shopping). Already popular in strip format, Patreon is helping Hubman and Chubgirl tackle more ambitious projects like videos and a book.

What they offer patronsA $2 tier gives patrons Discord access, exclusive comics every two weeks, and other perks, while the $4.99 tier includes a look at their in-progress book and a Q in their monthly Q&A.

Keith Knight illustration

755 patrons

Keith Knight has been a professional cartoonist since the early ‘90s, when The K Chronicles began dealing out jokes while lambasting the prejudices black Americans face. Knight has also performed in a hip-hop group and used comics in his work as a public speaker on racial injustice, and his lengthy, award-winning career has culminated in a Hulu sitcom, Woke, about his life. Knight’s Patreon has helped him survive the collapse of the print market and continue doing what he loves most: being a full time cartoonist who puts quality before quantity.

What they offer patronsPotential patrons have 10 tiers to choose from. $3 lets you see two cartoons a week, $10 adds in a signed card and a pin, while $50 backers will receive a phone call from Knight and some mysterious “surprises.” Good ones, presumably.

Embedded content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlmswo0S0e04,952 patrons

It’s safe to call Vivienne Medrano’s Hazbin Hotel, a cartoon about the possibility of finding redemption in hell (like, literal hell, it’s not a metaphor), a smash success, what with its YouTube pilot racking up 53 million views. Profane but sweet, in its own way, Hazbin was picked up by A24 for development as a TV series, while Medrano’s Patreon continues to support a variety of other creations from the prolific artist.

What they offer patronsThe $5 tier offers patrons a peek at storyboards and production notes, and Patreon benefits increase all the way up to the $100 tier, where supporters can see projects in their early stages and enjoy private streams discussing the production process.

Blue Delliquanti illustration

317 patrons

Blue Delliquanti’s first major success was O Human Star, a queer sci-fi romance comic about a man trying to get his life back together after the small speed bump of dying and waking up 16 years later in a robot body. Kickstarters for print volumes accrued over $100,000, Delliquanti released a separate graphic novel in 2018 and has a third project coming in 2022, and they credit their patrons with allowing them to make the move to becoming a full time creator.

What they offer patronsDelliquanti’s Patreon page shows how simple rewards can be successful for digital artists. The $1 tier chips in, $2 unlocks comics in progress, bonus sketches, and advance news on merch sales, and $5 provides monthly PDF sketchbook compilations.

Kibbitzer illustration

1,372 patrons

Kibbitzer is a minor celebrity on DeviantArt, but while their own work is strong their Patreon is all about helping other artists. They create reference sheets—lots of reference sheets—to improve a creator’s sense of space and perspective. They tackle everything from small gestures to big moments of action, so if you need to get a sense of how a sweater hangs on someone or can’t quite get the look of a guitar player right, then kibbitzer can help you out. Or if that sounds like old hat to you, maybe you can create your own tutorials?

What they offer patronsKibbitzer has been making six reference sheets a month since 2015, and $1 provides access to nearly all of them. $5 unlocks sheets that tackle some more complicated actions.

Kaiju illustration

934 patrons

The Age of Enlightenment is an interesting period, but it would be better with a queer necromancer, right? That’s what the two comic artists behind the LGBT+ Novae thought. The romance between a necromancer and an apprentice astronomer is about discovery in all senses of the word, but their relationship is complicated when the body of a colleague is discovered. The latest of several gorgeous and touching projects from KaiJu, their Patreon helps their work get made faster.

What they offer patrons$2 gives patrons early access to the latest strips, while $5 and $10 add in a variety of bonus comics and sketches.

ADHD Alien comics

1,058 patrons

You can probably guess the subject of ADHD Alien’s comics. Created to combat misconceptions and explain life with ADHD to friends and families, the strips are honest, accessible, and charming. And because ADHD Alien’s goal is to be an educator, their Patreon keeps their work independent and open to all who might need it.

What they offer patrons$2 provides Discord access, $5 gives supporters an early look at comics and the research that went into them, and the $10 tier allows patrons to pitch ideas for future strips.

Embedded content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cor46X9xKY

An artist and musician, Ai has released three EPs and put a new song out every month of 2020. Described as a mix of indie pop and anti-folk, Ai’s catchy music is often accompanied by fun, weird animations. And when she’s not producing new tracks, she’s probably posting surreal art or positive affirmations on her Instagram page.

What they offer patrons£2 supporters receive a membership pin and exclusive content, and get their ears on new tracks before anyone else. £17 secures four goodie boxes each year that are bursting with t-shirts, posters, lyric books, and other fun swag.

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