3 Common Errors On Credit Reports That Consumers Often Miss



 Many people attempt to repair their credit by mainly disputing negative information on their credit reports with the credit reporting agencies. I believe everyone that is trying to repair their credit needs to dispute with the credit bureaus/credit reporting agencies (CRA’s). I also believe that disputes need to be sent directly to the furnishers of that negative information, that would be the alleged creditors and 3rd party collection agencies.  

Now when disputing with the CRA’s, I hear and read that a lot of you are disputing “no contract” or something similar to that.  That is an honest, true, and factual claim or reason for the dispute but if you keep disputing like that, you’re going to end up getting the dreaded “frivolous” letter. CRA’s can send you that and tell you that they are no longer going to entertain any challenge from you on that disputed item. I believe they can ignore your dispute for the following 6 months. That will delay your progress if you get yourself into that situation.

What you need to do is to pick apart the information that is furnished and find every error you can because that is what you use to dispute and that’s how you keep from getting the “frivolous” letter. You can dispute that you have no contract with the company but when they respond that it is verified, you shouldn’t dispute the same thing again immediately afterwards.  To continue the dispute and keep fighting, you have to bring up another error you found on your credit report. 

Here are some things that maybe you forget to dispute or maybe didn’t even realize you could dispute:  

*    Is there a notation on your report that you have disputed that information? Well, how long has that been on your credit report? It should only be on your report for up to 30 days because the courts have determined that 30 days is a reasonable amount of time to “verify” the accuracy and get back to you. So, if it says consumer disputes and then it says “consumer disagrees”, well then contact them and say, if you provide the proof that it’s been verified, send me the documentation. If it’s proven that they are reporting accurately, then I’ll agree.  I haven’t received proof of diddly squat yet. You can’t just say consumer disagrees and leave the “disputed” notation on my credit report, and you claim its “resolved” without sending me the proof.  Either you prove it or remove it! They can’t say it meets FCRA guidelines either. The FCRA says they have to have it accurate, complete and verifiable or else it has to be removed. If it meets the requirements in the FCRA, then they should have sent you the proof, or corrected it, or sent you the sworn verification. Remind them of the definition of “Verification” from Black’s Law Dictionary including the accompanying case law.

*    Do you have a charge off that shows a balance and also shows a past due amount? I have no doubt that there are multiple errors on this furnished information but the thing that stands out quite a bit to me is that on a charge off, there is not a “Past Due” amount, It’s been charged off. It’s no longer late. They can claim there’s a balance but believe me, that is another error that they need to prove in order to force you to pay them. That’s a topic for another time but for this post, don’t forget to dispute this with the CRA’s. This furnisher is claiming there is a past due amount on this alleged account but the law states that a charge off cannot have a past due amount. Correct or delete this immediately pursuant to the requirements in the FCRA.

*    This last one is a whammy that they all violate probably 95% or more of the time. The FCRA Requires that every alleged account that if furnished to a credit report also includes the DFD, or you can say the DLA. What do those acronyms stand for? Date of First Delinquency and Date of Last Activity. So, the DLA is the date you last made a payment on that account. The DFD is the first month that you missed a payment on the account prior to the account being charged off,  Why are these dates important? Because they are the key to knowing when the Statute of Limitations runs out for collecting and for reporting it on your credit reports. It should be no problem for an alleged original creditor to furnish accurate dates on your credit reports. You can look at your credit reports, all 3 bureaus side by side and you will see that each CRA report usually differs on each one.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an accurate DLA or DFD on an alleged account furnished by a 3rd party collector. I will reiterate that this is a very important requirement stated right in the FCRA and also, there are FTC Staff opinion letters written about this common error and requirement.

Please take this information and apply it to your CRA disputes to hopefully start seeing some better results. It will protect you from getting slapped with a “Frivolous” violation and suspension of your ability to dispute, It will also help you find multiple errors to dispute and use against the furnishers and CRA’s to make your credit reports pretty again,

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