5+ Great Ideas To Give Back Without Spending Money



Wondering how you can show gratitude towards your fundraising campaign’s donors or volunteers while keeping the finances under control? We have got your back with 5+ great ideas to give back to the community without spending a dime. 

Give back without spending money

Every successful firm or business invests time and resources into building and then maintaining excellent customer relationships. And similarly, fundraisers should dedicate time to connect with the donors and express sincere appreciation for their kind contributions and unmatched generosity.

But it might not always be possible for fundraising organizations to give back while maintaining their own budgets and finances. And this is where our list comes in. In this blog, we will provide you with the top 5+ great ideas to give back to your donors, campaign’s volunteers, and sponsors without breaking your bank.

The Significance Of Giving Back To Donors Of A Fundraiser

One of the cornerstones of your fundraising plan should be donor appreciation. It is just as important to retain a donor as it is to acquire a new one, but this can be quite tricky if your campaign’s supporters and donors feel unappreciated or leave with a negative experience. You need to make your donors feel acknowledged and give back to them for their generous gifts and donations. 

Showing gratitude and giving back to donors of a fundraiser has many long-term impacts and benefits for your crowdfunding organization, including:

💰 Larger Donations: Appreciated donors will be encouraged to contribute more to your crowdfunding campaigns and get more involved with the causes behind them. This will not only help to make your campaigns a success but also grow your business with ease. 

⭐ Increased Engagement: Following up on the previous factor, donors who feel connected to your organization are more likely to become more engaged with other aspects of your campaigns such as volunteering. Moreover, they help to spread the word of mouth about your cause to their friends, family members, and other social connections, increasing awareness for your mission and work, hence making your campaigns a success. 

Top 5+ Ideas To Show Gratitude To Donors Completely Free 

great ideas to give back

While there are many different strategies that you can use to show appreciation for the donors, it is quite difficult to come up with ideas that require you to spend no money. And so, to make the process easier to manage, we bring you some great ideas to give back while keeping your budget in check. 

💌 Send A Personalized Thank You Letter Or Video

Let’s start off our ultimate list of great ideas to give back without spending money with one of the easiest and simplest ways – make your donors feel appreciated with proper recognition by sending them sincere Thank You letters or videos

A well-thought-out and detailed gratitude letter or video do wonders in building a strong relationship between the donors and the fundraisers, and ensuring that the donors keep coming back.

These thoughtful Thank You letters (or videos) help to show the donors that they are valued while keeping them fully updated on the campaign’s progress and thanking them for their generous donations. A well-written letter does not only show appreciation but also can significantly boost your organization’s credibility and help ensure that you get the 2nd and 3rd donations too. 

💻 Create A Featured Post Your Campaign’s Web Page

Up next, we have a special and exclusive feature on your fundraising organization’s website with a public mention of the donor (or sponsor) under the ‘Supporters’ list. This form of giving back requires zero spending but creates a massive impact as the donor will get recognition from all website visitors around the world. 

You can easily develop a dedicated section on your website to acknowledge the donations or support you have received from anyone involved in your crowdfunding campaigns. You can post exclusive featured blogs or posts to share your gratitude towards the community and also highlight how their support has helped the campaigns in the long run. 

This will not only give back recognition and appreciation to the supporters but also help your organization through increased engagement, website credibility and further donations.

📢 Promote Donors On Various Social Media Platforms

Another amazing way you can give back to your campaign’s supporters is by promoting them through special features and advertisements in all communications about the event and on all possible social platforms. 

great ideas to give back

Note: Again, make sure to ask for permission from your supporters about their privacy preferences before creating the social media posts. 

There are different ways you can approach this strategy to give back to your donors, campaign volunteers and sponsors: 

🎯You can easily shine the spotlight on key donors or volunteers with in-depth shoutout posts on your social media feeds such as Twitter and Instagram. It is even better if you can make the posts shareable so that viewers can re-post the content, and increase engagement for the fundraising campaigns as well the donors.

🎯 Similar to an idea shared above, a second approach to this strategy is to create short but dedicated gratitude or appreciation speech by the founder of the crowdfunding organization and the beneficiaries (receivers) of the donation. This video can then be shared on various social media pages and platforms. 

🎁 Arrange Special Discounts From Sponsor Business

Our next idea is specifically for the donors and the volunteers of your crowdfunding event or campaign. And the strategy involves asking your sponsors to host special discount offers from their businesses and companies for anyone who donates to your event. 

This will highly encourage your current donors to come back as recurring givers, and also grow engagement for any potential donors. And the best part is that even your sponsors will benefit from the exposure and hyped conversion rates. It’s an all-win strategy. 

🏆 Create A Donor Appreciation Wall In-Location Events 

Up next, we have another great idea to give back without spending money – you can commemorate the supporters at your organization’s office facility or your next event’s premises with a wall of gratitude.

great ideas to give back

This will help to create a permanent form of recognition for the generous donors and kind volunteers. Anyone who walks into the premises of your organization will be able to learn about your supporters and about their gifts to the community.

📊 Profile Donors Into Your Crowdfunding Reports & Booklets

Do not forget to include your donors, volunteers and sponsors into your monthly or yearly crowdfunding reports. This is another way you can highlight your top-contributing donors and offer permanent recognition. And this strategy can be used year-round in all advertising booklets, newsletters, brochures, emails to showcase the supporter’s commitment to your organization.

💬 Include Donors Into Communication & Decision-Making

And finally, last but not least, an exclusive and great idea to give back without spending money is to simply include recurring and top donors into your team communications and decision-making. Nothing will show appreciation and gratitude more than asking for insightful feedback, input, and ideas from the donors who have a view of your fundraising campaigns from the outside. 

Contact to major donors on a personal and professional level by giving them an exclusive sense of belonging by inviting them to: 

🎯 Open table discussions

🎯 Board and in-house meetings 

🎯 Annual parties or celebrations

🎯 Upcoming events and campaigns

Give Back To Donors Generously Without Spending A Dime

great ideas to give back

And with that, we would like to conclude our ultimate list of 5+ great ideas to give back without spending a dime. Try any of our ideas out and let us know by commenting below if this blog was helpful in making your donors feel appreciated and bringing you more engagement; we would hear from you. 

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