5 Ways to Maximize Credit Card Rewards Without Overspending



Credit cards are amazing plastics that can give you the things you want and need with just a mere swipe. Combine them with their exciting rewards, and you just got even more reason to swipe left and right.

The only downside here is that using credit cards can make you fall into the abyss of overspending. The good news is that you can make the most out of your credit card rewards with no need to worry about spending more than what you can afford in the first place.

  1. Keep Track of Your Budget

Probably the most important tip is to use your credit card side by side with your monthly budget. Your budget every month will help you monitor your monthly expenses and where your money goes.

These details will also help you determine the credit card rewards that will best suit your goals. At the same time, this will also give you a better understanding of how much your monthly expenses on your card should be.

This matters a lot, especially if you want to chase rewards since sign-up bonuses often require you to have a minimum spend. You will be better off without the card if you can’t comfortably afford to pay for this minimum required amount.

  1. Use Your Card to Pay Bills

Check if there are bills you can pay with plastic, including those that you probably wouldn’t even think of. For all you know, you may be able to use your credit card to pay for your health insurance or even your electric or gas bills.

When you use your plastic to pay more bills, you will also earn more miles or points over time. However, don’t forget to check for other fees that might be charged if you use your card for payments instead of pulling it directly from your account.

  1. Put Reimbursed Group Meals on Your Tab

You can also pay for other people’s purchases as long as you get them reimbursed. It is now made easier since people can easily send money to one another using online services.

For example, you can offer to pay for meals when you are out with your relatives or friends and get reimbursed by them afterward. But take note that it may involve risk because you will not end up ahead with rewards except if you are actually paid back.

  1. Choose the Right Rewards Credit Card

See to it you also pick a credit card that aligns with your specific spending habits. When groceries make up most of your expenses, choose a card that will give you points or bonus cash back for such spending. It also applies to travel, dining, gas, and even streaming.

If bonus categories are not a priority, pick a card with a high flat rate of rewards on different categories.



  1. Use Your Plastic for Your Daily Purchases

If you think that you should only use your credit card for big purchases, you might want to think again. You can also use your plastic for your daily expenses to boost its rewards earning potential. Pay for your monthly groceries, gas, miscellaneous purchases, and streaming services with your credit card.

Follow these five ways to maximize your credit card rewards without blowing your budget.