A Man, A Van, and the Latest Releases: How Pretty Much It Made 2020 Work



How this guy is living Van Life AND making a living

Pretty Much It host Eric Striffler has been recording comedic commentary tracks for popular movies & TV shows for as long as Patreon has been around. For yea…

While 2020 made us miss a lot of the big things in life, it also made us long for the little things, like getting together with friends and cracking jokes while watching a movie. So, what do you do when you can’t watch movies with your friends for a whole year? You listen to Pretty Much It, of course. Eric Striffler makes comedic commentary tracks with his friends that you can sync up with movies and TV shows so you feel like you’re watching with them in the room. But, when COVID-19 came along and confined Eric to his van — yes, he lives in a van — he had a problem. He was running out of tracks to release and was just about to hit the road to record when the lockdown began. He obviously couldn’t continue traveling the country to meet up with people and make episodes, but his patrons were expecting new tracks on schedule.

Eric knew he could record his tracks by himself, but he just didn’t know if anybody would want to hear him make jokes alone from a van. So with a community of long-time listeners by his side, he did what so many creators had to do: he took a chance. Eric grabbed his mic, cued up Outbreak (the only appropriate movie), and hit record.

Listening back, he felt good about the episode, but he cared more about what his community would think. “They’re the ones that are about to sit down and enjoy it. They’re the ones that are paying for it,” he says. He nervously uploaded his first solo track and waited for the comments to roll in.

Watch the video to find out how Eric made 2020 work as a one-man show.