A Steel Staircase for Your Home – a look at the benefits



I have always fancied a steel staircase for my home.

I love that industrial look and am a big of all things practical. I currently have my eye on this one for our loft perhaps? It is a  super easy to install clip kit steel staircase structure that looks so much fun (and it comes in 5 different colours too) 

What do you think? – Are you all about wood when it comes to stairs or do you like something a little different?




Steel Staircase

Quality counts

 I always think very carefully about the longer term impact of any changes I make in my home. I want to know that they are an investment into the home and that they will last, that I will enjoy the changes I have made or find them useful in the long term too rather than it just being a passing fancy.

Because quality, longevity and practicality matter to me I seek out great brands and stores, and this is the same whether I am replacing a sofa or finding a staircase manufacturers


DIY Staircases

When it comes to stair hand railing it is entirely possible to do it yourself (thought that might feel a scary thought at first.)

 Whether indoor or outdoor, metal or stainless steel for a balcony or a staircase their are railings to be had and if you order from Fontanot shop they will be designed for ease of installation and come with  clear and easy guides. Everything comes in kits delivered directly to your home and can be entirely personalised. 


Small space steel staircases

I have quite a small home and often think about ways in which I could possibly open up and maximize space. I do feel our current central staircase takes up way too much space that really isn’t necessary and have been considering other options for quite a while. 



I love this mini staircase concept. 

It is light and cool and gives such an air of space whilst still being completely functional The white steel railings against the would give such a minimalist and contemporary look that I think would work so well in a modern home.  It’s really funky too, isn’t it?


Outdoor stairs.

I have always fancied a white steel or metal spiral staircase leading from our upstairs bedroom out into the garden/ I think it would look so Victorian and I’d grow clematis or roses up the side of it. 

Not only would this be super useful if ever there was a fire but it would also look absolutely stunning. I love when design and aesthetics meet practicality.


Final thoughts on a steel staircase

A steel staircase can last for years and years and are easy to maintain. They are a relatively inexpensive but beautiful and practical addition to a home.  I love how many style and colour options there are and they can make such a difference to the look and feel of a home.

Is this something you would consider in your home?