Access Finance with higher interest until 26.06.2022 – Iuvo – Invest in loans. We made it safe | P2P Investing



After the success of their previous promo campaign, Access Finance present a new investment opportunity for you, as they provide more attractive terms on iuvo again.

You can already find promo loans on the platform. Take advantage until 26.06.2022 and get:

  • 9% interest with 6-month loans;
  • 9.5% interest with 12-month loans.

Access Finance list loans on iuvo in class A with 30-day buyback on principal and interest. We remind you that the standard interest the Originator offers is 7.5% with 6-month loans and 8% with 12-month loans.

Access Finance is part of Management Financial Group (MFG) – the holding iuvo is part of. The Loan Originators, part of MFG, have a group guarantee.

Invest now with higher interest in the loans of Access Finance in the promo period. Achieve your goals with iuvo.