Aggiornamento della policy per i creator – terzo trimestre 2021




Update on Creator Policy Engagement at Patreon

In April 2021, Patreon launched our new Creator Policy Engagement Program (“CPEP”) to help involve creators in shaping the Community Guidelines and policies that affect them. Through CPEP, our Policy Team aims to propose policy updates on a quarterly basis and solicit creator feedback before those policies are finalized. We also host live Q&As to hear directly what’s on creators’ minds.

Screengrab of online conversation with members of Patreon's policy team

Members of Patreon’s Policy Team hosted a live Q&A with Patreon creators in April.


Since the spring, hundreds of creators have gotten involved in CPEP, allowing us to incorporate your thoughts on policies to keep teen creators safe, support creators who have emerged from the criminal justice system, and more.

The next round of CPEP is upon us, and we are eager in the coming days for your input on this quarter’s proposed policy updates, including: 

Financial Advice

As the finance community grows on Patreon, we’re exploring updates to our guidelines to help us comply with consumer protection laws in certain regions that require financial advisors be certified, and to encourage patrons to check with financial advisors before acting on financial advice content they encounter on the platform.


Chargebacks are initiated when individuals, or in Patreon’s case patrons, reach out to their financial institution to dispute a transaction. Sometimes, chargebacks can facilitate fraudulent activity, which harms creators and Patreon alike. Our proposed update would state that patrons who file excessive or fraudulent chargebacks may be suspended from supporting new creators, or from accessing Patreon altogether. 

We plan to incorporate your input into policy updates which will be finalized and announced later this month. Here are several ways to share your thoughts through CPEP:

  • Join the Policy Team on Tuesday, August 3 for another live Q&A. (Thanks to creator feedback shared at the April Q&A, we’ve moved to a more inclusive events platform that accommodates live captioning.)
  • Email the team at
  • Sign up for office hours with our Head of Creator Policy Engagement.
  • Stop by our designated #policy-live Discord channel in the 24 hours following the live Q&A. 

The Policy Team is committed to making Patreon a safer, more inclusive, and more transparent place for creators and patrons. With that mission in mind, we look forward to engaging with you in the weeks ahead.