AHP Title Holdings on Self Managed 2022



Security Type

Equity – Preferred


Chicago, Illinois


Financial & Insurance Products & Services

AHP Title Holdings is raising funds independently through Reg A+ crowdfunding. The company buys defaulted government-backed VA loans at discounts and helps veterans and their families keep their homes. The company is involved in mortgage loan business, title insurance business, and credit improvement business. AHP Title Holdings has generated $80,000 in revenue since inception by performing title searches for an affiliate, AHP Servicing. Jorge P. Newbery founded AHP Title Holdings in 2020. The current crowdfunding campaign has a maximum target of $75,000,000. The campaign proceeds will be used for the purchase of title direct and non-performing mortgage loans, credit improvement loans, and working capital.

Balance Sheet

Cash and Cash Equivalents


Property and Equipment


Total Assets


Accounts Payable & Accrued Liabilities


Long Term Debt


Total Liabilities


Total Stockholders’ Equity


Total Liabilities and Equity


Statement of Comprehensive Income Information

Total Revenues


Costs & Expenses Applicable to Rev


Net Income


Earnings Per Share – Basic


Earnings Per Share – Diluted


Auditor: Artesian CPA, LLC

Financials as of: 07/01/2022

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