Analyzing Our Best Performing Ads for Q1



At Enventys Partners, we’re always looking at the ads we run for our clients. We tweak copy, assets and audiences until we find the magic combination that resonates with backers. We don’t want to keep the things we’ve learned to ourselves. That’s why we’re sharing our best ads from the first quarter of 2022, with our analysis of what made it work.

1. Lunadesk

Lunadesk is a laptop riser that can be used while seated or standing. The creators were inspired by the practice of yoga when designing the product. They wanted users to be able to flow easily from seated to standing positions and be comfortable throughout the workday.

The Best-Performing Ad


  • CPL: $.87
  • CTR: 3.16%
  • CPC: $.29
  • Leads: 120

This ad worked really well because it showed the product’s unique design. The imagery tapped into work from home demographic and was relatable. The copy was short yet informative and the image helped showcase exactly how Lunadesk could be used in someone’s home.

2. OODA Ball

OODA Ball is a free-weight punching bag. It utilizes the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) to provide functional training. It can be used as a punching bag against a wall or freestyle in the air.

The Best-Performing Ad:

OODA Ball Ad

  • CTR: 3.95%
  • CPC: $0.72
  • Impressions: 424,566
  • Purchases: 85

There are a couple of elements that make this ad a winner. The image quickly grabs attention and helps the viewer can immediately understand the product. Potential customers can see and imagine themselves using OODA Ball, and understand the benefits.

The text overlay highlights a major pain point of combat and contact sports. Injuries and concussions are a real concern, so a tool that simulates live-action without the risk of injury is an important selling point. It was important to highlight that users get all the excitement and benefit of sparring, without the danger of getting punched in the face.

The emojis used are hard to miss. They stop the user’s natural ‘scroll’ behavior by taking them on a journey from looking at the image up to the copy, rather than just scrolling by. This gives us one last opportunity to highlight another benefit of the product at the end of the copy.

3. Haven Safari

Haven Safari is a hammock-lovers upgrade. It’s a hammock-tent with a flat, supportive base pad that eliminates the “saggy middle” of traditional hammocks. Anyone who enjoys lounging in hammocks, but gets uncomfortable in them would be drawn to a product like this. But because it is a familiar type of product to many consumers, it was important to highlight why customers should upgrade and back the project.

The Best-Performing Ad:

  • CTR: 2.43%
  • CPC: $0.66
  • Impressions: 747,630
  • Purchases: 39

This ad was best performing for this campaign because it was attention-grabbing yet also simple and informative. It quickly highlights all of the features of the product within a short GIF and lists out the key features of Haven Safari which help the GIF stand out in newsfeeds. The copy is short and provides a quick preview of how and where customers can use it. Overall, the ad highlighted in a quick way the variety of uses and features of Haven Safari.