As Medical Costs Soar, More Indians Turn to Crowdfunding



Crowdfunding is a fundraising term that refers to collecting financial donations from individuals or organizations, most often businesses, to support philanthropic causes. Online fundraising is advantageous because it enables campaigns to achieve their objectives by amassing a large number of little gifts from a varied group of contributors rather than depending on a few large ones. It solicits donations from potential contributors through social media and email. Campaign strategists may find that social media enables them to rapidly expand their current networks while also reaching out to new supporters. Online contributions are accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a secure credit card processing service. Additionally, you may share the website with your supporters’ networks to assist in spreading the word about your business. As a result of its versatility, it has become one of the most effective online fundraising techniques.

Ketto Medical Financing

Medical financing should be a straightforward process, even more so during times of medical crisis. We created our Medical Funding Option to address this issue, a simple and transparent manner of paying for medical bills. Medical issues, cosmetic operations, medical treatments, and dental procedures not covered by your health insurance may qualify you for assistance to help with the cost of these treatments and procedures. When you fundraise with us, you can be certain that your medical bills will be fully covered.

Individuals who are financially challenged benefit from medical crowdsourcing. Crowdfunding eliminates the need to consider competitive interest rates, low credit scores, or repayment methods that match your unique circumstances. This is a place where you may swiftly gather cash and get the finest possible medical care for yourself or a loved one without having to worry about rising medical costs or treatment debts. Unlike traditional loans, which require the borrower to repay the loan plus interest, crowdsourcing enables you to earn money just by spreading the news about your campaign via social media. You may use our online fundraising platform to organize a campaign in support of medical crises or treatments.

Ketto Crowdfunding for Cancer

You could talk with a hundred individuals about cancer and the elements that contribute to its development and get a hundred different replies. Cancer is fundamentally a genetic error that leads cells to proliferate and divide uncontrollably — or that prevents them from dissolving when they should — or that causes them to cease disintegrating when they should.

These aberrant cells ultimately develop into malignant cells, resulting in the development of cancer. Individuals, families, and friends of cancer patients may use Ketto’s free online cancer crowdfunding and fundraising platform to launch a campaign to raise money for high-cost cancer treatments, chemotherapy tablets and treatments, as well as cancer procedures and procedures. It’s simple to start a cancer fundraising campaign from scratch. Create an account and choose a project on the crowdfunder’s website. To launch a new campaign, you must first choose a fundraising goal, fill out a few essential forms, create your crowdfunding campaign website, and promote your campaign.

Benefits of Medical Crowdfunding

  • In life, emergencies arise unexpectedly. At times, health insurance and financial resources are inadequate to cover the astronomical charges. Crowdfunding enables you to accomplish your goal by amassing little donations from a large number of individuals.

  • When in need, contacting someone for aid and disclosing financial difficulties in person may be challenging and embarrassing. The online fundraising process is streamlined and hastened.

  • It’s emotionally and financially exhausting when a family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. In the majority of situations, medical emergencies need immediate attention. Internet crowdfunding helps you to quickly generate funds by giving a venue for you to convey your suffering.

  • Individual debt drowning is a rather common event amid medical emergencies. After obtaining the funds, the loan payback process may take months, if not years. Debt-free crowdfunding is possible via online platforms.

You may simply and quickly launch a free, straightforward fundraiser to assist with medical and healthcare expenditures with Ketto. Additionally, if a close friend is unexpectedly diagnosed with a disease, you may volunteer to spread the word and gather funds. Medical fundraisers allow you to exhibit your friends and family’s support at times of need. By launching a Ketto medical fundraising campaign, you may put an end to increasing medical expenditures and responsibilities. According to industry observers, our online crowdfunding platform is the best in Asia. Crowdfunding is the easiest method of soliciting financial support from friends, family, and a huge number of interested donors.

Ketto makes it simple to start fundraising in three minutes, and registration is absolutely free. Create an account, fill out the form with information on the project for which you are seeking financing, and then click submit. You may fundraise for transplant like bone marrow transplantation, kidney transplantation, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) care (for premature infants), cancer therapy, open heart surgery, heart defects, brain tumors, cerebral palsy, aplastic anemia, joint replacement, and eye surgery. If the treatment option you’re looking for isn’t mentioned here, please contact us, and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Crowdfunding with Ketto

Ketto is the most widely used online crowdsourcing tool in Asia. Ketto’s original mission of creating a donation-based crowdfunding platform to fill a need in India’s centuries-old giving culture has morphed into a cultural revolution. Varun Sheth started Ketto on December 12, 2012, and it has changed the lives of thousands of individuals who have been a part of it. Varun Seth worked with Bollywood actors Kunal Kapoor and Zaheer Adenwala, as well as philanthropist Kunal Kapoor. They grew Ketto into the market leader in the crowdfunding field by injecting a healthy dose of techno-disruptor vision into the company.

Crowdsourcing is often used in fundraising to collect donations from a large number of individuals. Due to the internet’s worldwide accessibility and common media design, we are all part of a larger community; this enables individuals to solicit contributions from others all over the globe. It does, however, raise doubt on the legitimacy of the Keto diet.

To assure the process’s authenticity and transparency, we’ve worked with industry-leading payment services like as PayU, Stripe, and Billdesk. Net banking, credit cards, debit cards, and UPI are all accepted online, allowing us to collect the maximum amount of donations possible for our campaigns. Our platform safeguards sensitive information about both funders and transactions by using the industry’s most secure payment encryption technology, as well as SSL certification.

When you donate to a fundraising campaign, you will be notified through email, text message, or WhatsApp. Additionally, you may contact the campaigner directly via their crowdfunding website. Our platform enables the organization of hundreds of fundraisers each month. Our primary goal is to protect the safety and security of our platform and all of its users at all times. To combat fraud and ensure that all medical fundraisers comply to user policy, Ketto places them automatically in the ‘Pre-Approval’ stage upon their launch.

The campaigner will have restricted access to the product’s features and other crowdfunding incentives at this time. Ketto checks all medical fundraisers that are submitted via the service. Ketto verifies fundraising efforts and authorizes the campaigner to take funds only after comprehensive verification. A committed and professional compliance staff conducts thorough verification, which includes the following:

  • When fraudulent/false/invalid/forged papers are supplied, the team collaborates with the campaigner to present only current and legitimate documents.

  • Ketto commences the withdrawal procedure by electronically transferring monies to the hospital account associated with the patient. If the campaigner is unable to produce hospital documentation, the monies are immediately sent to the patient’s history. In this case, the verification method includes a precise address, bank, and pan-KYC check.

  • Ketto has a three-tiered verification process for payment compliance in order to keep mistake occurrences to a minimum. After these checks have been completed, the campaigner may seek a return of the monies received.

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