Aussie brokers embrace new value proposition



It’s been a little over a year since Aussie and Lendi merged to form Lendi Group and brokers have been harnessing the collective benefits as the Group prepares for a new era of growth.

The marrying of Aussie’s iconic brand and extensive broker network with Lendi’s market-leading, proprietary technology has allowed the group to create seamless systems and processes that liberate its brokers, customers and lenders from the all-consuming admin of the property purchasing journey.

Lendi Group CEO of distribution Brad Cramb (pictured) said it was important to deliver great broker experiences before being able to offer a great customer experience.

“Lendi Group is laser focused on creating ‘the network of the future’ by delivering an unmatched broker value proposition that is human-led and tech-driven,” Cramb said.

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“We’ve been working hard to simplify process in a bid to increase broker productivity, ultimately supercharging growth for our brokers’ businesses,” he added.

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The evolution of Aussie Mobile

Two existing Lendi working models – Associates and Client Solutions – have now been launched in the Aussie mobile channel.

Cramb said company-generated enquiries are now fielded by an in-house associates’ team.

“The key role of this team is to make first contact with the customer to qualify them before directing them into an appointment with a broker or into a nurture pipeline for specialised contact depending on their individual situation,” he said.

“This bespoke contact results in real-time, tech-driven triggers that direct the customer back into a broker’s calendar when they are ready to transact. Brokers also have access to the in-house Client Solutions team who assist with loan packaging.”

Cramb said the primary enabler for these enhancements was the industry-leading, proprietary technology of the Lendi platform.

“One of our core values is ‘making home loans human’ and the centralising of key processes is reducing operational burdens for our brokers, freeing them to focus on developing stronger relationships with customers,” he said.

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Strong results in pilot tests and early rollout

The Associates and Client Solutions models were extensively piloted in the Aussie mobile network, and Cramb noted that “the new initiatives have allowed our brokers to deliver better, faster outcomes for our customers”.

Pilot results included fast-tracked times to lodgement, fewer missing information requests, and turbocharged timeframes to unconditional approval.

Cramb said the results from brokers who opted in since the official launch in May had echoed those observed in the pilots.

Senior Aussie broker Reema Katrib achieved a 64% increase in quarters one and two of FY22 while on the Client Solutions pilot when compared with the corresponding quarters in FY21.

Meanwhile, since enrolling in the Associates model, Aussie broker Grant Schwulst had seen a 50% increase in lodgements.

Aussie brokers lauding new changes

Cramb said the response was strong from existing Aussie brokers who had opted into the staged rollout of initiatives from May 2022.

“We onboarded our first cohort of 115 Aussie brokers in May and a further 55 brokers in June to date,” he said.

Cramb said new brokers joining Aussie’s mobile channel would be automatically enrolled in the new fully supported model, which combined with an enhanced onboarding program would mean faster speed to earning.

“Lendi Group is pleased at the enthusiasm with which Aussie mobile brokers had embraced these enhancements,” he said. 

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Senior Aussie broker Reema Katrib said she was compelled to participate in the pilots and ultimately opt-in, because the broking world is forever changing.

“These models provide me with support so I can deliver a high level of service in-line with changing customer expectations,” Katrib said.

On the Associates model, Senior Aussie broker Peter Corta said all key customer documents were collected prior to the first customer appointment.

“I found this very handy and overall, it was a great process,” he said.

Senior Aussie broker Melanie Smith said it was refreshing to see Aussie trying new things to keep the momentum going.

“The key benefit for brokers was the additional time and capacity added back into our businesses by letting the broker spend more time interacting with more customers,” she said.

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