Behind the Mic – How Patreon Has Built a Home for Independent Podcasters



For nearly a decade, Patreon has been a destination for independent podcasters — creators looking for an alternative to platform exclusives, one-off brand deals, and advertiser mandates. We know that creators like you want a place where you can build a community with your most loyal fans, earn a steady income, and maintain the freedom to create without worrying about your next gig or next deal. And so we’ve built a one-of-a-kind platform for podcasters that puts creativity, creators, and community first.

On Patreon, you can run your podcasting business any way you want. You can use your membership as a companion to your free podcast, as a main destination, or in a way we haven’t even thought of yet – creators make the rules. You’re welcome to share exclusive content, bonus material, extended episodes, exclusive Q&A’s, videos from behind the mic, and more.

We don’t just provide the space either – Patreon gives you the resources you need to build a successful podcasting business with features like private RSS feeds, livestreaming options, community hubs, merch, and customizable audience tools. So far, we’ve helped over 25,000 independent podcasters and paid out over $2 billion dollars to creators of all kinds.

Podcasting is your thing. Flexibility is ours.

Patreon offers an all-in-one membership experience with secure RSS feeds and a toolbox full of everything you need to run a successful podcasting business the way you want to.

Secure feeds with the data to match

Podcasters on Patreon can offer fans exclusive, secure podcast feeds. And through our integration with Acast, we offer instant, detailed insights into how many listens your bonus content is getting and how listeners are engaging with it.

Come one, come all

We don’t screen for certain kinds of content, sound, or influence. We have no invite-only waitlist or minimum audience size. As long as you respect our community guidelines, you’re welcome on Patreon.

Build the tiers that work for you

An occasional tip here and there won’t pay your bills, and offering to buy you a coffee doesn’t help you grow your business. Patreon is about building a reliable income and an exclusive community experience for your listeners. That’s why we offer the option to get started with one simple membership tier and then add more along the way if you need them. This means you can continue to build and expand your page based on what your fans want now and then add more tiers as your fanbase grows in the future.

Go beyond audio

While we know audio is your bread and butter, it’s not the only way to interact with your community. Podcasters on Patreon can communicate in any way they want, from audio, video, and text updates, to image galleries, polls, early access posts, and more. You can offer livestreams, Q&As, reveals, guest conversations, and collaborations — there are so many ways to get involved with your community. And we’re always looking to add new and more interactive ways to engage with your fanbase with options like our Discord integration which can give your fans an online home to connect with each other.

Don’t sweat the admin stuff

Your listeners might not understand all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a podcast, but we do. That’s why we offer comprehensive patron support — and when we say comprehensive, we mean it. We’re with you every step of the way, from tackling billing and support questions, to all the glamorous stuff no one ever talks about like recovering failed payments with smart retries, and catching fraud before it hits your balance. We also help out with refunds and chargebacks, and we offer content moderation for added peace of mind. Because while all that stuff is important, it’s just what stands between you and creating the podcasts you (and your fans) love.

Own your relationships

Your community is your most valuable resource, so Patreon will never get between you and your listeners. On Patreon, you own your relationships with them and their contact info is always available to you through customizable audience tools. We understand that you worked hard to build your network, so you shouldn’t have to fight (or pay) for their attention.

Pay what you choose

We like to keep things simple and transparent, so we keep our platform fee low — it starts at 5% and tops out at 12% depending on what you choose (because we know there’s no one-size-fits-all for creative businesses). We keep our prices low so that you can keep as much of the value you create as possible. And for all the services and tools included in that one fee, there’s no better deal around.

A Podcast Experience Listeners Love

Our podcasting resources don’t stop once you hit “publish.” We make sure that your listeners have the best possible experience too.

Pay The Way They Want

On Patreon, listeners have the choice to pay via credit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, and more. They can also choose the payments that fit their schedule, whether that’s a monthly membership or paying for an entire year upfront at a discounted price.

Listen The Way They Want

When listeners subscribe to your Patreon feed, they’re not forced into a single app or platform. Thanks to our Acast integration, they can keep listening to your podcast wherever they want, and your bonus content can be delivered right alongside your regular episodes. Plus, when listeners sign up, they can either dive in and explore your page, or be guided seamlessly back to their listening experience — no wasted time spent poking around third-party sites.

There’s a reason why more than 25,000 independent podcasters call Patreon home. We’ve put thought and detail into every step of the process. To learn more about Patreon for podcasters, check out our Podcast hub. Then it’s time to get started!