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Apr 30, 2022

Current investment apps available 

The P2P lending space in India is not even a decade old, and it’s already on its way to becoming a $10+ billion industry. This is because P2P lending has emerged as a super investment opportunity that also solves the availability of credit challenges for borrowers. And, the benefits of leveraging peer-to-peer lending apps are unarguably making P2P lending a must-have.

Some of the top P2P lending apps in India are:


LenDenClub is one of the highest-rated P2P lending mobile apps on the Play Store. Commanding a market share of over 50%, LenDenClub is the largest P2P platform in the country, with over 1 million registered investors. LenDenClub is popular because of the high average returns of up to 12% (per annum) for investors, the user-friendliness of the app, and the use of AI for smart diversification and risk management.

LenDenClub should be the first choice for investors looking for a reliable RBI registered NBFC-P2P lending platform.



Faircent is deemed as one of the oldest P2P lending platforms in India. As a result, the company has built quite a reputation for itself, enabling investments through an 8 step process. One thing worth noting is that the number of borrowers on the platform outweighs the number of borrowers.



RupeeCircle is a relatively new player in the P2P lending app space. The application and the way information is presented on RupeeCircle are more suited to advanced users that are already familiar with the way P2P loans work. It is also worth noting that RupeeCircle is relatively new and currently has a small user base.


i2i Funding

i2i Funding is another well-known name in the P2P space. The app is user-friendly, and the advertised returns are lucrative. You will be asked to register to view basic information about borrowers. Moreover, at the time of writing this, all borrowers on the i2i Funding platform are fully funded, according to the official website.

Trends Contributing To The Growth Of P2P Lending In India

The P2P lending industries all over the globe are undergoing a phase of tremendous growth. The global P2P lending space will be valued at over $558 billion by 2027. This pace is surely one of the factors propelling the growth of the industry in the Indian economy.

Other market trends may further boost the growth of the industry. Some trends may even lead to new P2P money lending apps targeting unique niches. Let’s look at some of these trends in more detail:

P2P Lending For Real Estate 

According to a market report on P2P lending, published by Industry Arc, the real estate market is going to attract a lot of debt financing from P2P lending institutions in the coming years. This will open up a whole new world of opportunities and it is expected to attract a lot of attention from investors who may still be on the fence about P2P lending as an investment class.


P2P Lending In The Start-Up Age

Unavailability of funds has always been a bottleneck in starting a business. Today, business owners are constantly looking for ways to secure debt financing. P2P lending presents a unique opportunity for such business owners since some P2P lending platforms now have access to a large pool of investors. We can expect to see new P2P lending apps dedicated to helping startups in the future.


New Technologies

As mentioned earlier, LenDenClub employs artificial intelligence technology to automate the investment process for the users, while also aiding them in making more profitable investment decisions. Such advancements will attract the attention of investors and contribute to the overall growth of the P2P industry.


Why are P2P apps growing?

Peer-to-peer lending apps are easily one of the most innovative disruptions in the fintech space. The apps directly connect those in need of funds to those willing to lend money.

With the use of digital technologies, and in the case of LenDenClub, artificial intelligence, P2P lending apps in India have reduced the cost involved in the traditional lending systems. The benefit of this is being directly transferred to the lenders in the form of better returns and to the borrowers in the form of lower interest rates. Even on LenDenClub, investors make an average of up to 12%p.a. returns, which is better than most other non-market linked investment options.

The best P2P lending apps for investors offer unmatched transparency and accessibility, allowing them to invest directly through their smartphones. For instance, the LenDenClub app has been designed meticulously to be user-friendly, allowing users to manage and track their investment portfolios right from their smartphones.

Moreover, since P2P lending apps like LenDenClub are essentially digital businesses, the overhead costs involved in operating these businesses are lower than banks. This is another unique advantage enjoyed by the users of P2P apps.

Finally, since NBFCs run P2P apps, they are regulated by the government. This translates to additional reliability in regard to investing money on P2P platforms. For instance, LenDenClub is an RBI registered NBFC-P2P. Meaning, the platform is regulated by the Indian government, making it a safe bet for investors.



Overall, the lucrative returns, accessibility, reliability, and convenience associated with P2P applications have contributed to the growth in demand. Owing to this demand, the P2P application space is experiencing rapid growth and is soon expected to become a $10 billion industry. On LenDenClub alone, there are over 1 million active lenders.

You can also become an investor on LenDenClub and enjoy all the benefits of P2P lending. Download our app through Play Store or App Store and start your investment journey with us today!