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Boxabl offers many features and solutions designed to reduce common pain points experienced by builders and homeowners alike. The Boxabl structures are fire, flood, bug, and mold resistant. Boxabl also touts its units’ ability to withstand snow, hurricane winds and seismic activity. Boxabl structures are anticipated to be more energy efficient through the use of LED lights, minimal thermal bridging, smaller-sized HVAC systems, and effective insulation. Unlike some competitors, Boxabl can connect to any foundation, has crane pick-up points for quick setting, and packs down to 2.5x original volume for low transportation costs. Design elements are customizable, and the company aims to limit costs for later electrical retrofitting.

Boxabl’s pricing is very competitive in the alternative housing market. Its initial product, the Casita, runs about $50,000 for 375 square feet, averaging about $133 per square foot. (Though it’s important to note that assembly costs are not included in the base price of $50,000.) Building a new home can typically cost anywhere from $100 to $500 per square foot. This makes Boxable’s pricing reasonable, especially since its cost includes furnishings and appliances.

Logical Homes is a competitor that makes alternative housing out of shipping containers. Its designs are environmentally friendly, including materials that reduce the need for heating and cooling. The company’s various offerings can range from 160 square feet to 3,580 square feet or have a completely custom design. Each option costs around $200 to $300 per square foot, which doesn’t include furniture and appliances.

Meka Modular is another competitor that makes alternative homes. Its designs boast sturdiness against natural elements, such as earthquakes and snow. One of its models is 320 square feet and sells for $88,900, about $278 per square foot, without appliances. Its next largest option is 480 square feet and costs $114,000, around $238 per square foot.

Boxabl’s Casita doesn’t currently come with as many size options as competitors, and some of its competitors have similar perks, such as weather endurance. However, the Casita benefits from combining customization, sturdiness, energy considerations, and low pricing. Boxabl has filed more than 40 patents since its inception, making its design and implementation highly defensible against competitors. Overall, Boxabl is well distinguished from competitors.