CMA appoints Sarah Cardell as interim chief executive



The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has appointed Sarah Cardell as interim chief executive taking over from the current chief executive Andrea Coscelli when he leaves at the end of his term in office in July. 

Cardell currently serves as the general counsel of the CMA, a role that she was appointed to in September 2013.

She heads the CMA’s legal service and policy and international directorates and has executive leadership responsibility for the establishment of the CMA’s digital markets unit.

In addition, Cardell serves as a member of the CMA’s senior executive team and is a legal advisor to the CMA’s board.

The CMA is a non-ministerial department responsible for enforcing competition and consumer law and carrying out investigations into mergers and markets. 

It has recently taken on new functions including the Office for the Internal Market (OIM).

The government has launched the recruitment process for a permanent chief executive. 

Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng says: “Sarah’s experience and expertise provides a strong foundation for the CMA at a time when their work to help people make the most of their money is critically important to consumers across the country.”

“I thank Andrea for his achievements at the CMA. These include securing hundreds of millions of pounds for consumers following cancelled events and holidays during the pandemic, helping patients and the NHS by tackling unfair price increases for lifesaving medicines, and establishing the CMA as a global leader in the regulation of digital markets.”