Consequences of low CIBIL Score



A CIBIL score is your financial reputation and evidence of your status in this field. It depends on the transactional history and different parameters. This is the first step that lenders check for their satisfaction whenever you apply for any loan. Once your score gets affected, or there is a fall, you will face many problems. Some of the difficulties are as follows.

Rejection in credit card or loan.

If you are applying for a loan or credit and your CIBIL score is not good, your application will be rejected. Any lender checks your score to approve a loan application or issue a credit card. Once they find that your score is low, they will not approve your application.

High rate of interest

Your application for a loan with a low credit score can lead to a high-interest rate.  Sometimes, the lender will not directly reject your application but lend with an extended interest rate. They will intend to compensate the previous amount with a higher interest rate. It will create some extra pressure on your financial management.

Loan on some unfavorable term.

This is a term and condition upon which a loan approval is done. If you have a bad CIBIL score, you will get a loan with a complicated repayment system. Your EMI and period will be affected. In this case, it will shorten your repayment time, and EMI due to short term will increase. It is challenging for a general person to pay a significant amount in less EMI.

It may affect employment.

Various sectors like finance, insurance, banking, and others always want to ensure that your CIBIL score is good. But it will influence your reputation if your score is insufficient as per their requirements.

High insurance premium.

You may have to pay a high amount on your insurance premium if your CIBIL score is insufficient. You have to pay an actual premium amount with a good credit score, but it increases with a lousy score. And creates lots of financial pressure on your budget.

Entrepreneurial problem.

To start your own business, you need some financial help. In this situation, you apply for a loan to start your business. The lender goes through your transactional history and gets your score to ensure your repayment capacity. But a bad score can lead to your loan application for refused.

Rental issue.

A bad CIBIL creates problems in rental issues also. If someone is interested in any house for rent and has a bad CIBIL score, he may face difficulties like denying his home request. There are some procedures in the rental agreements.  In case of a bad score, you can meet the problems.

Overall, the above discussion with different parameters shows that a good CIBIL score is always necessary for your financial life. You can maintain it with some simple steps and habits. You may start your planning to achieve a good score that will help you get many facilities. Like a loan, credit card, actual premium rate on insurance, and reasonable terms and conditions on your loan with easy and long EMI.

You have to follow some simple steps to increase your score. It is not so difficult for you. Just follow some important instructions and increase your score rapidly. These are the following.

  • Pay your EMI on time.
  • Always remember your repayment date.
  • Minimize your debt.
  • Reduce the usage of a credit card.
  • Utilize your credit limit wisely.
  • Purchase anything on a priority basis.

These are some essential factors to be followed for a sound financial score, and it helps to achieve a useful economic life. These steps will lead you to a secure and stress-free life.