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Convert Your Big Purchases into Easy EMIs With Ujjwal EMI Card


The online shopping culture in India has gained a lot of popularity over the previous decade, and the COVID-19 situation has accelerated this trend. Shopping for your favorite products has become much easier with access to numerous online shopping platforms as well as offline shopping centers. While having access to a large selection of products improves the experience, lump-sum expenses can leave you unprepared for emergency expenses.  

In this case, EMI shopping seems to be the best bet. When you shop on EMI, you can enjoy shopping without worry because you don’t have to spend a significant sum of money all at once and can spread your payments out over months. Furthermore, having access to exclusive deals and offers with EMI payment options allows you to save even more. 

One such EMI shopping option is the Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card. With our EMI card, you can convert the cost of any purchase into affordable EMIs. In other words, our Ujjwal EMI Card lets you buy now and pay later so that you don’t have to compromise on your wish list irrespective of the cost.  

Why Use Ujjwal EMI Card for EMI Shopping? 

Ujjwal EMI Card is ideal for shopping both online as well as offline as it is a digital card which can be used to shop on easy EMIs anytime. It also offers you the chance to repay the loan amount within a customized tenure that you get to decide based on your monthly savings.   

Shopping with the Ujjwal EMI Card also does not require you to get an approval every time you set out to shop as you have access to a pre-approved loan of up to ₹75000. What makes the shopping experience better is that our EMI Card offers you attractive discounts and offers that help you save more money. 

Features & Benefits of Ujjwal EMI Card for Online Shopping 

Instant Credit Limit Up To ₹75000: 

With a pre-approved limit of up to Rs. 75000, our Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card allows you to shop on EMI at any time, both online and offline, with no hassle!  

A Chance to Shop Big:   

With a credit limit of Rs. 75,000 pre-approved, you can go big on EMI shopping. This way, you won’t have to rely on your bank funds indefinitely or face any financial hardship!  

Flexibility To Choose Credit Limit: 

Have you been running short of funds? With our Ujjwal EMI card, you can choose your credit limit to your convenience and shop on EMI without a credit card! 

One-Time Documentation: 

To get a Home Credit Ujjwal EMI card, you simply need to submit two documents only once throughout the application process. 

  1. PAN Card (Mandatory) 
  1. Address Proof  

ZERO Processing & Joining Fees:  

Ujjwal EMI card offers you a chance to shop on EMI and enjoy easy repayments with 0 processing fee*, 0% interest** & 0 joining fees*. 

Easy Eligibility Criteria: 

You can avail yourself of a Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card, if you fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Age: 18 to 69 years 
  • Income source: Salaried or Self-employed or Pensioner 
  • Bank account status: Active 
  • Minimum Gap between Two Home Credit Loan Applications: 90 Days 

ZERO Foreclosure Charges: 

Unlike other loans, which normally charge a minor fee for early payback, our EMI card allows you to foreclose the loan without incurring any fees.  

With such a fantastic bouquet of distinct advantages to your fingertips, you can easily shop on EMI online with Ujjwal EMI card. You can buy anything from leading brands including home appliances, electronics, mobile phones, lifestyle products & much more – all on easy EMIs with 0 processing fee*, 0% interest** & 0 joining fees*. 

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the Ujjwal EMI Card today!



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