Coreco launches first separately branded member of its Network



Coreco has launched the first separately branded member of the Coreco Network.

Coreco-MPS has its own brand identity and web microsite, with all enquiries generated being sent to it directly.

The new brand is headed up by Tom Matthews and Jan Pearce, who are longstanding brokers with Coreco. 

Having already employed a paraplanner, Matthew and Pearce have also employed their first trainee broker.

First announced in November 2020, the Coreco Network is for fellow brokers looking to establish and grow their own businesses.

Coreco Network aims to assist experienced brokers in winning more introducers and provide marketing advice and PR support.

Members also have access to Coreco’s client retention and commercial finance teams and protection specialists.

A retirement scheme is also available that enables members to service their client bank and pays a commission to ensure there is still additional income coming in.

Coreco-MPS director Matthews says: “We are very excited to be taking the next step forward in our progression. From the outset, there has only ever been one company that we would wish to partner with on our journey.”

“We are thrilled to be able to expand our business and to continue to diligently serve our loyal existing clients and many more yet to discover what fantastic advisers and people we are.”

Coreco managing director Andrew Montlake adds: “Tom and Jan have worked with us for many years now and are two of the leading brokers in the company. They are incredibly talented and diligent, and making this move is the logical next step having grown a formidable network of clients and introducers over the last decade through their hard work and dedication to their clients.”

“They were passionate about forming their own new company under Coreco and are keen to employ, train, and grow their own talent.”