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Crowdfunding Marketing Spam

Crowdfunding Marketing Spam – A One Trick Pony Doesn’t Perform

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; crowdfunding marketing spam doesn’t work. Kudos to us for linking to the same article three months in a row in this blog.  That’s a new record for us in setting the record straight on crowdfunding promotion. To balance things out listen to what Aweber, an industry leader in email marketing, has to say about buying emailing lists: you should never buy an email list.


Crowdfunding Marketing SpamAnyways I got on The Mighty Monkey email list through no fault of mine and must ask: What are they bragging about in this piece of crowdfunding marketing spam? Their funding goal was $750,000 and they’re doing a victory lap after getting less than 15% of their goal? “WOO HOO!” Maybe shoddy results will fly in the world of kids’ sports where they give everybody a trophy just for participating, but the real world doesn’t work that way.  The buttercups better buck up. Raising just $100,000 when you were aiming for $750,000 is nothing to brag about.

I received prior pieces of crowdfunding marketing spam from this company and I replied after the first one with a polite, professional proposal to significantly increase their capital raise by attracting legions of investors through a myriad of sources.   Were they interested? Curious? Nope.  My email got ignored and by so doing they ignored the possibility of real crowdfunding success.

Crowdfunding marketing spam never worked so I wonder who’s been selling suckers these email lists over the years and what bullshit is believed to seal the deal.  For the record – I have never invested any money in equity crowdfunding campaigns so why do I get so much crowdfunding marketing spam? Because I appear in a crowdfunding backer directory (translation: email list) which is a joke I talked about before.

Holy Moses I am getting tired of repeating myself.

Crowdfunding promotion is a process requiring a blended methodology of proven crowdfunding advertising activities.  Ten years as the crowdfunding marketing leader taught us there is no silver bullet for crowdfunding success.  That’s why we have a wide array of services in our arsenal; crowdfunding backers are everywhere so it only makes sense to reach as many people as possible anywhere they happen to be.