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We should all be humbled by the fact that internet fundraising may be a viable alternative to more conventional forms of obtaining funds in Indian communities. However, it will be challenging to succeed if you do not do in-depth research on the regulations and procedures. Ketto, on the other hand, has provided some interesting information that may assist you in determining whether or not you are prepared to begin a campaign. A crowdsourcing campaign may be something you’re thinking of launching. While we’re certain that you have a long list of questions, we’re here to help you out by discussing some essential fundraising subjects in more detail.

What is Crowdfunding?

In fundraising, crowdfunding refers to the process of collecting donations from people or organizations, most typically companies, in order to support charitable initiatives. It is beneficial to utilize online fundraising because it allows campaigns to meet their goals by collecting a large number of little contributions from a diverse set of donors rather than relying on a small number of big donations. In order to raise funds, it uses social media and emails to request contributions from prospective donors. The use of social media may help campaign planners reach out to new supporters at the same time they are growing their existing networks swiftly. Contributions may be made online using a secure credit card processing facility, which is available 24/7. Additionally, you may choose to share the page with your supporters’ networks to expand your company’s reach. Because of its adaptability, it is one of the most successful methods of internet fundraising currently available.

Tips on starting a fundraiser

  1. Starting a campaign is the first step in establishing a successful crowdsourcing business. Choose a platform, register for an account, and you’re ready to begin!

  2. Communication is essential in spreading the word about your Fundraiser and developing your brand’s awareness amongst your competitors. Inform people about your unique crowdfunding story while also being specific about why you are raising money and how you intend to use it.

  3. Share your fundraising campaign: Every successful crowdfunding campaign must have a component for sharing. Donors will withhold their support until you aggressively advertise your campaign and inform others about it. Use social media, email, and even word of mouth to communicate with your audience.

  4. Provide regular updates to your donors and express gratitude to them: Your funders will be interested in how well your crowdfunding campaign is progressing, so keep them updated. Donors who contributed to your fundraising efforts should continue to receive monthly thank-you notes and updates from you.

Crowdfunding on Ketto

Ketto is the most popular online crowdfunder in Asia. With Ketto’s original goal of creating a donation-based crowdfunding platform to bridge a developing gap in India’s centuries-old giving culture, the company has grown into a cultural revolution. Ketto was started on December 12, 2012, by Varun Sheth, and it has had a positive impact on the lives of thousands of individuals who have been involved with it. Varun Seth worked with Bollywood actors Kunal Kapoor and Zaheer Adenwala, as well as philanthropist Kunal Kapoor. Using their potent dose of techno-disruptor vision, they transformed Ketto into the market-leading player in the crowdfunding area.

When it comes to raising money, crowdfunding is usually used to collect donations from a large number of individuals. Because of the internet’s widespread availability and communal media architecture, we are all members of a larger community; this enables individuals to gather funds from others all around the globe. It does, however, call into doubt the sincerity of the Keto efforts.

We have worked with leading payment systems such as PayU, Stripe, and Billdesk in order to assure authenticity and transparency in the process. Net banking, credit cards, debit cards, and UPI are all acceptable online payment methods, allowing us to collect the greatest amount of donations possible for our campaigns. Campaigns on our platform make use of the most secure payment encryption technology available in the market, as well as SSL certification, to protect the sensitive information of both funders and campaigners.

When you make a gift to a fundraising campaign, you will be notified through email, text message, or WhatsApp that you have done so. By visiting the campaigner’s crowdfunding website, you may also get in touch with them directly. Every month, hundreds of fundraisers are organized using our site. Maintaining the safety and security of our platform and all of its users is our primary goal at all times.

Medical Financing on Ketto

Medical financing should be a straightforward process, and this is especially true in times of medical emergency. We created our Medical Funding Option to address this issue, which is a hassle-free and clear alternative to paying medical expenditures. Medical issues, cosmetic operations, medical treatments, and dental procedures that are not covered by your health insurance may make you eligible for financing to help you pay for the costs of these treatments and procedures. When you fundraise with us, you can be certain that all of your medical expenditures will be paid to the fullest extent possible. 

Medical crowdsourcing helps those who are experiencing financial difficulties. Crowdfunding eliminates the need to worry about competitive interest rates, bad credit ratings, or repayment solutions that match your individual requirements. This is a place where you can rapidly collect money and get the greatest medical care available for yourself or a loved one without having to worry about rising medical costs or treatment debts. In contrast to traditional loans, which require the borrower to repay the loan plus interest, crowdsourcing enables you to raise money by spreading the news about your campaign via social media. Using our web platform, you may start a fundraising campaign to raise money for medical crises or treatments.

Cancer Crowdfunding on Ketto

On the subject of cancer and the elements that contribute to its development, you might talk with a hundred different individuals and receive a hundred different replies. The most basic level of cancer is a genetic error inside our body’s cells that leads cells to multiply and divide uncontrollably — or prevents cells from disintegrating when they should — or causes them to cease decomposing when they should. 

These aberrant cells ultimately develop into malignant cells, which are responsible for the development of cancer. individuals, families, and friends of cancer patients can use the free online cancer crowdfunding and fundraising platform provided by Ketto to launch a cancer crowdfunding and fundraising campaign to raise funds for high cancer expenses, cancer therapies, and expensive chemotherapy pills and treatments, as well as cancer procedures and procedures. It’s simple to start a cancer fundraising campaign from scratch. Sign in to the crowdfunder’s website and choose your project. In order to start a new campaign, you must set a fundraising goal, fill out a few pieces of important information, create your crowdfunding campaign website, and promote your campaign.

Educational Crowdfunding on Ketto

Education Teachers, students, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) may use crowdfunding to generate money for school supplies, field excursions, and toilet construction. Daily meals are provided via crowdsourcing, as are school facilities such as gymnasiums and play spaces, as well as classroom upkeep and extension. Each year, online education crowdfunding continues to grow in popularity. It is risk-free, simple, and effective, potentially reaching a far wider population in a much shorter amount of time.

Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform streamlines and simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining an education crowdfunding campaign. Additionally, education crowdfunding is the most cost-effective method of raising funds for educational financing initiatives. Students may either start their own education fundraising campaign or lend their support to a friend’s effort. Parents may choose to fundraise for their child’s future education via an education crowdfunding campaign. Similarly, you may collect funds for educational causes or partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) devoted to enhancing the quality of education in rural schools. Ketto, a crowdfunding website for education, enables students, teachers, non-governmental organizations, and other organizations to easily create campaigns to raise money for educational initiatives in India and throughout the globe.


While it is important to distinguish between crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising is a kind of fundraising that comprises a group of people coming together to raise money for a common cause. They create their own fundraising web pages and generate funds on the organization’s behalf using these platforms. It is critical to the success of your campaign that you collect funds via social media platforms, owing to the fact that fundraising is founded on the concept of social sharing. When you use social media to raise donations, you have the opportunity to interact with both current networks and new potential contributors.

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