Crowdfunding Success Stories from January—March 2022 | by Pozible Team | May, 2022



Here’s a roundup of the most successful campaigns from January to March. Including great musician veterans, a wellness and dance centre, and the community that saved a local pub!

We thought we would reflect on the first quarter of the year by looking back on some inspiring projects that exceeded all expectations. These projects we have compiled, not only raised an outstanding amount of funds but also had a lot of support from their respective communities.

Throughout all these successful campaigns, each project presented a distinct commonality. Their strong identity and the ability to tell their story through clear and engaging content that resonates with their target audience. It’s always inspiring to see how different projects and individuals connect with their supporters and how they share their unique stories. From engaging videos, awesome rewards and the chance to be a part of a community, there are so many great reasons to support a Pozible campaign.

These campaigners went that extra mile to bring their audience into their inner circle and make them feel included by entertaining, educating and executing some great campaign strategies!

Read on to see who topped each month from January to March, and take a look at their campaign pages for some great insight into what it takes to pull off a crowdfunding success!

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$24,205 was raised from 47 supporters

Bring back Woodside Pub is a remarkable story about a community raising funds to save the local pub. The Woodside Pub was in need of some serious TLC.

This campaign was established from the heart of the community- the locals who shared many memories of the Woodside Pub and who were passionate about restoring the Woodside Pub and bringing it back to life. Having smashed their target goal of $5,000 the Woodside pub raised a total of $24,205 was raised from 47 supporters. That’s 19k+ over their original goal! The funds collected will be going towards restoring the front bar, upgrading the dining area and extending the beer garden.

$13,265 raised from 150 supporters

Sam Buckingham can be hailed as the campaign queen when it comes to previously successful campaigns. Having not one, but four previously successful campaigns under her belt!

This time around- Sam’s 2022 campaign was established to help release her latest album- ‘DEAR JOHN’. This album, as declared by Sam, was an ode “to women and anyone who loves them”. After a turbulent period in her life, Sam decided to produce ‘DEAR JOHN’ as a way to reclaim her self-identity, through the power of music. Through this rawness of self-expression, Sam was able to uniquely connect with her target audience- as breakups are a not so fun part of the human experience 🙃.

Sam was also successful through her ability to promote her latest campaign by reaching out to her existing networks and previous Pozible supporters. With a clear goal of funding the recording of the album, she used a range of different media channels to promote her campaign including the below her Instagram platform, which regularly updated supporters about her campaign. Such as featuring BTS footage of music videos and live reels “song-splaining” her latest projects.

Sam’s wit shining through her ‘songsplain’ stories
BTS action of her latest music video

$3,833 raised from 35 supporters

The Irrelevant Elephant! campaign featured a watercolour story for all ages to share and enjoy. The author Prema Nishan, returned to Pozible after her previously successful campaign ‘Dichotomous Hippopotamus’, back in 2021.

With the desire to continue her next children’s book adventure Prema raised with her community $3,833 from 35 supporters. This was accomplished through frequent social posts, as well as awesome reward- combo packs, such as the option of either a soft or hardcover copy of the book, and a gift pack of her current and past children’s books.

$12,602 was raised from 126 supporters

Another Heartwarming success story about giving back to those who need it most was the Help Afghan musicians in exile campaign by World Within Worlds.

For musicians in Afghanistan, the return of the Taliban is a disaster, bringing with it the threat of violence and persecution. Unable to practise their art, continue their traditions, or simply earn a living, many musicians have sought to leave the country. This campaign was launched to support Afghan musicians in Mashhad and to celebrate Afghanistan’s rich musical heritage through promoting opportunities to film and record performances from migrant musicians living in Mashhad — including some of Afghanistan’s most important folk and classical artists — and pay them for their time, as well as market their talent to a wider international audience.

As a result, the World With Worlds community banded together and raised an outstanding $12,602 was raised from 126 supporters. This was achieved through their detailed pitch video and social media blasts, which highlighted some of the featured artist’s stories.

$12,060 was raised from 70 supporters

This campaign was able to smash their minimum target goal of 12k to raise the funds needed to release their latest Sci-fi film -‘Source Artemis’. The arts have long been an important focus for us here at Pozible, whether it’s performance, film, music or anything in between. It’s great to see up-and-coming Australian filmmakers and actors collaborating to raise funds to express themselves through their work. This campaign excelled through its great rewards packages, such as pledgers’ names in lights, signed screenplay, VIP access to the set and so much more.

$30,300 raised from 174 supporters

It’s so much more than a physical space. It will be a home for our community of dancers who come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and more.

After 17 years of hiring halls by the hour, in 2022, the Move Through Life Dance collective decided to launch the ‘Dance Studio Fitout’ campaign. This campaign was created to establish a Dance and Wellness Centre in Adelaide.

The campaign raised an impressive $30,300 raised from 174 loyal supporters. The Move Through Life community was successful in securing its target goal through regularly updating its pre-existing audience with video content, via its social media platforms, as well as its website and blog content. In addition to executing a quick, yet informative pitch video that explains the ‘who, what, when, where and how’ of the campaign- which created a sense of community-minded inclusivity with their target audience.

With the success of this campaign, the Dance and Wellness Centre will include two dance studios with sprung floors, and a suite of offices sub-leased to health and wellness professionals who can help dancers maintain the ability to dance throughout their lives (think dance physio, dance podiatrist, nutritionist, massage therapist, psychologist, life coach, counsellor).

To find out more about the Move Through Life community and the success of their campaign check out their website here.

What do all these successful projects have in common? They all started out as a draft! If you’ve got yourself an idea, why not get it out of there by starting your very own draft campaign; who knows, soon someone may be reading about your campaign in one of our success story blog posts!

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