Crowdfunding Success Stories of 2022: Hayley Marsten | by Pozible Team | Apr, 2022



Another big win for this up and coming musician. Read on to find out the ‘how & why’ Hayley Marsten is so successful at crowdfunding her albums.

Not one, but three successful wins under her belt- This country singer, hailing from Brisbane is no short of applause when it comes to crowdfunding.

Hayley Marsten has come a long way since her first campaign with Pozible back in 2016; for the release of her follow-up debut album. As we’ve all watched her musical evolution flourish, it can be commended that Marsten has strengthened her signature wit, visually stunning graphics and stretch target marketing tactics from campaign to campaign.

So we thought, we’d take this opportunity to outline the highlights of Marsten’s latest campaign with you all and how this singer and writer just keeps nailing it!

The Campaign

She’s a bit different than what you’ve heard before but like Hannah Montana, this album is going to be the best of both worlds. There is some new stuff that I’m exploring but I’m still the same vulnerable, twangy songwriter you met on my last album. I’m really proud of the songs I’ve written for this album, it feels like this is a perfect snapshot of who am I and how I’ve grown as an artist, a songwriter and a woman in the past 3 years.

Hayley’s 2022 campaign in many ways was like hugging an old friend you hadn’t seen in a while.

Hayley’s last campaign with us in 2019 was to fund her second album, which was a smash hit success! The public seemed to agree as this too- as Hayley shot well past her $15k target goal. However, we’re going to be having a look at how her most recent campaign to fund her follow-up album took this success to a whole new level.

Although Hayley’s latest campaign had references to her previous campaign (visuals, humour- to name a few) — Marsten also brought in a couple of new additions including fine tuning her social media blasts, such as more live stories and reels, included a more extensive rewards tier for her supporters and provided detailed combo-merchandise packs. By doing this, Marsten managed to surpass her target goal of $20,000, within just 4 weeks.

At the closing of the campaign, 186 people had pledged to one of the 14 rewards up for grabs. Let’s have a look at why these rewards were so popular:

Early Digital Acess + Air Guitar

In any campaign, it’s important to have a base reward that is reasonably priced for most supporters, $12 is a great example of this. A digital download is quick and convenient for easy access for supporters. That’s why it is an absolute must-have to include in your campaign as anyone can receive these and it’s pretty cheap to distribute.

CD Album Merch Pack

This reward was the most popular in Marsten’s most recent campaign. The reason why? Well firstly, price point was pretty affordable, considering all the goodies you receive. Another, is that a physical album is always a great idea for those that like something tangible and as you can see, 35 people agreed. Hayley also added a more personal touch of a handwritten note which is fantastic as this little bonus was exclusive to the campaign.

Tea Towel + Early Digital Access

This reward was fantastic as it highlights Marsten’s captivating wit, whilst also creating an air of exclusivity. When setting up rewards it’s great to personalise them as much as possible as this adds value and a connection with your supporters that’s key in creating and maintaining relationships.

Special Coloured Vinyl

This reward was the most pledged in the higher bracket rewards. So much so- that 29 people chose this option.This was mostly due to the ‘limited edition’ wording, which again creates this sense of exclusivity and personalisation of rewards that we acknowledged earlier.

Hayley is without a doubt a true legend when it comes to the social media marketing of her campaigns. This time round however, she was active everyday on Instagram and Facebook. Live streaming target updates, countdowns , as well as thanking and tagging supporters. And of course — the fan favourite — posting dance videos for reaching campaign milestones. All the while doing this- emcompassing that signature wit we all love. The latter was genius as she asked people what song they wanted to see her dance to and once she reached the milestone, would upload an outrageously good dance video. This was fun, creative, and incentivised people to pledge and created more content than simply “pledge to my campaign.”

Hayley’s wit was the star in many of her social blasts—which comprised of catchy tunes, lots of dancing, long pauses and awkward silences and of course, our personal favourite- Iconic Australian themed references for her domestic audience.

There were also some really great Instagram and Facebook videos covering the 101 about how crowdfunding works, Q&As and live streams regarding the campaign. The community reception was also successful here, as a number of other artists also posted on their channels about Hayley’s campaign which highlights the support and love from her community.

We bloody made it! Oh y’all looks like I’m making album 2!

At the closing of the campaign, 186 supporters had come together to raise $20,511 — $500+ over the original $20k target.

The results are a tried and true testament to the support her community has toward Hayley as a musician and a general legend. It is clear that all the hard work and promotional perseverance paid off- as it definitely would have otherwise been not as successful as it was.

Feeling inspired? Check out Hayley’s campaign and start creating your draft today 🎧