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A gallery wall featuring cutting boards is a pretty yet practical display in a kitchen or dining area. It provides easy access while providing organic wood accents to freshen up your space.

My collection of cutting boards is growing, some boards are authentic European antiques and some boards are new. Lately I’ve enjoyed aging and distressing new cutting boards to make them look like an authentic antique. So now they all fit together nicely.

Wall color: Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore

A gallery wall seems like a perfect way to display my collection, declutter my kitchen and I like keeping them on-hand for whenever I need a hot plate to protect my newly refinished cherry table. I’ll be adding more boards as I find them.

I’ve had this art in my basement storage since we moved in. I was excited to see the wood boards complement the architectural art perfectly.

Cutting boards make great serving boards, too. Antique table makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

While built-in shelving is planned for our dining room someday, displaying my boards for now seems like a fun way to showcase them. I may end up loving this more than built-ins since I love the openness of our dining room at the current moment.

The long, narrow shape of our house is a new decorating challenge for me. It can be tricky to find the proper balance and flow between rooms while decorating longer walls. The reflection using mirrored gallery walls have made the rooms feel even more connected.

Grays, greens and natural wood is the common thread throughout our spaces.
Gallery Wall on Dark Wall with Wood Cutting Boards
Gallery wall view from our foyer. Wall color, Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore

Are Gallery Walls Out of Style?

Collected interiors are always in style. Gallery walls are a perfect way to create groupings in your home, display your collections and personalize your space. If you want your home to have a cozy feel, you can construct a gallery wall using any collections that you adore.

Where to Place a Gallery Wall:

Gallery walls have a solid presence in Victorian homes, many times they taking up entire rooms. In a more modern home choose a wall that needs a “wow” factor and use the adjacent walls to give your eye a rest. I consider this “white space” which is similar to a concept in web design. White space provides a breaks in an otherwise visually cluttered area. See how my wall on the right has nothing on it? Ahh, a much needed visual break!

Gallery Wall Inspiration and Ideas

We’ve been working on the foyer and just purchased a new chandelier. Can’t wait to share the details! More gallery wall inspiration can be found on my Pinterest boards. Take a tour of our current house and see all the dining room projects in both houses to witness how our spaces have evolved!

While not every wall can be a gallery wall, collected interiors is how we live and is here to stay!

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