Did you know that all CapitalRise investment opportunities are ISA eligible?



About the CapitalRise ISA and its delivery of returns. 

CapitalRise is a specialist prime property finance company providing investment opportunities for High Net Worth and Sophisticated individuals, and institutional investors into property development projects across Prime London and Home Counties. It also offers investors the opportunity to invest through its bespoke ISA platform providing access to tax exemption benefits.

The CapitalRise ISA provides a fixed rate of return with capital secured against exclusive prime property. Investments can be from as little as £1,000 to a current maximum of £20,000 in any one year. 

CapitalRise provides high levels of due diligence on each property project to facilitate informed investment decisions. Its platform is quick and easy to use, allowing investors to research and select the opportunities they’d like to invest in. Investors can open a CapitalRise ISA using this year’s allowance or transfer existing ISAs from other providers. 

Our Flexible IFISA 

It’s easy to start investing with your CapitalRise IFISA. We’ve created an IFISA that’s flexible, so you have more choice when it comes to managing your money. Deposit and withdraw uninvested money and returns as many times as you like during this tax year and as long as your funds are back in your IFISA by the 6 April 2022 ISA deadline, you’ll keep your tax-free wrapper.

If you’d like to, you can transfer in existing ISA funds from another provider at any time, just sign up, or if you are an existing customer, login to your CapitalRise account dashboard and scroll down to get started with our hassle-free transfer service.

Transferring your ISA

If your ISA funds from previous tax years aren’t working as hard as you would like them to, you may want to think about transferring. 

Transferring your ISA to CapitalRise means you could earn potential fixed annual returns and you can transfer an unlimited amount of funds from previous tax years.

What are the benefits of the CapitalRise IFISA?

Our IFISA investments offer a range of property backed opportunities, each with a fixed rate of return. The returns are not directly affected by volatility in the stock market like Stocks & Shares ISAs, or fluctuations in the Bank of England base rate like Cash ISAs providing a high level of visibility for future growth.  

Whilst investment performance isn’t covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), all CapitalRise investments benefit from a strong security package which includes a legal charge against a property asset and significant time buffers to help protect investor returns from potential project delays, such as those caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

It’s simple to start a transfer

Start your transfer today with one simple online form available on our website or if you are an existing customer, login to your CapitalRise account dashboard and scroll down to the ISA Transfer section to get started with our hassle-free transfer service. Open an ISA with us today.