Difference Between Ketto’s SIP and Systematic Investment Plan



We are all aware of how costly healthcare facilities can be. In India, only 1.5% of the GDP is spent on healthcare. Due to this, the healthcare system is burdened, and medical care centers and hospitals cannot provide even the basic facilities for medical treatment options and medical devices. People suffering from chronic or critical ailments like cancer cannot afford the medical bills of the treatment options. They either exhaust their savings, mortgage their property or get loans from friends and family. Even when medical loans are taken from banks, they will be at high-interest rates, and the credit score needs to be high.

SIP by Ketto is a Social Impact Plan which has aims to help everyone pay for their medical bills. With SIP (Social Impact Plan) by Ketto, people don’t have to stress paying medical bills. Let us find out further what is Ketto, how it works and how it helped people fight their illnesses to overcome all odds.

How does Ketto work?

Ketto was founded in 2012 as an online fundraising platform. It is a trusted crowdfunding platform that has helped over 1.4 lakh patients or their families with severe and chronic illnesses. The fundraising platform has one aim, i.e. ‘Healthcare for everyone and running different campaigns asking people to raise funds for the various cause. Money raised is transferred to the patients directly without deductions like commission or tax. Donors are given updates regarding the campaigns for which they donated the money. Ketto also has a rigorous process to verify the background of the patient. Therefore, you never have to worry about authenticity. There are various fundraising ideas for which Ketto runs crowdfunding campaigns. There are over 55 lakh donors all over the world.

What does SIP by Ketto mean?

In India, every 2 minutes, one child dies because the family could not pay for the expenses of medical treatment. Ketto’s Social Impact Plan- SIP helps get the best treatment options for your illness. 

Let’s find out how Ketto Social Impact Plan works:

  1. Donate funds for the cause you choose. Your donation is then matched with the patient who urgently needs medical treatments like stem cell transplantation funds.

  2. The donations will be sent to the patients. Collected funds are directly transferred through Ketto without any deductions.

  3. You will get regular updates regarding the patient’s current treatment status, treatment duration, and any more donations needed.

Here are some of the features of SIP at Ketto

More than 55 Lakh fund donors

We started with a small group of people, but we started getting recurring donations with time. Presently, Ketto has more than 55+ lakh donors families and is still counting.

More than 1,40,000 lives are saved.

When more and more people joined us, we saved more lives, and the number is increasing daily. You can join us too to ensure every child gets urgent medical care. There are different types of blood cancer, and we want everyone to afford cancer treatment.

Automatic donations every month

Various fundraisers are being run with set target funds. You can decide whether you wish to donate your monthly funds to that cause you are matched with. You can leave it and use it for any other cause.

100% donations are sent to patients

We have a transparent platform, and there is no commission or deductions from the funds. We ensure that the donation reaches the patient on time to get treatment. There are no third party charges between the patient and donor, making it transparent for both parties.

Get monthly updates

Regular monthly updates will be given on where the funds are being used and details of the child getting help. You will get complete updates of the cause for which your funds are used. To know more details about Ketto’s SIP, visit us and get all your questions solved.


No matter how big or small your donation is, you won’t feel like you have done any less. Any amount will impact people’s lives who are under financial stress because of their illness. It may be any blood cancer or any other chronic illness.


This is a space where people with common thoughts and interests are related to a cause. You can be part of any inspiring group and transform lives every month. We may feel that we alone won’t be able to impact, but we can surely do a lot by joining hands.


It’s not just about giving funds. You can also raise funds for yourself when you are in need. Your contributions can be used to fund your medical emergency too. You will not feel helpless in your times of need.

How Ketto SIP works?


We ask celebrities to influence people and show them a way to do community service but feel they can’t do it alone.

Team building:

Team building activities are conducted from time to time because great bonds motivate people to do great things together.

Marketing for the cause:

Spreading awareness amongst people about the cause and its target. Various fundraisers are conducted with community service in mind. Various activities are conducted to raise funds for a cause.

Now let’s understand SIP in Finance.

SIP in Finance

A SIP or systematic investment plan allows the investors to give equal, regular payments into a trading account, mutual fund or retirement account like 401 (k). SIPs let investors save a small number of funds regularly and enjoy the advantages of dollar-cost averaging. From the DCA strategy, an investor buys the investment through periodic transfers of equal amounts to create a portfolio or wealth with time.

Key Features:-

  • A SIP means investing an equal regular amount of money in the same plan.
  • SIP usually involves automatic withdrawals from funding accounts and needs further investors’ commitments.
  • Usually, SIPs work on the dollar-cost averaging principle.
  • Most mutual fund and brokerage companies provide SIPs.

How do SIPs Work?

Investment companies and mutual funds provide investors with various investment options, including systematic investment plans. SIPs provide a chance for investors to invest money over some time instead of creating lump sum investments. Most of the SIPs involve payments regularly whether it’s monthly, weekly or quarterly. SIPs let investors use small amounts of money along with dollar-cost averaging benefits.

The systematic investing principle is simple. 

It works on a periodic and regular purchase of units or shares of fund securities or other investments. Dollar-cost averaging includes investing in the same fixed amount of security irrespective of its price at each interval. Due to this, shares are bought at different prices in different quantities. Although some plans will let you set a fixed amount of shares to be bought. The amount invested is mostly fixed and independent of the price of shares or units to be bought. An investor buys fewer shares when prices rise, and when prices drop, more shares are bought.

SIPs are passive investments

Once you invest the money, you will invest in it irrespective of its performance. This is why it’s crucial to keep track of your returns in your SIP. Once you reach a certain amount or reach retirement, you need to rethink your investment plans. Shifting to an investment or strategy which are helping them grow their money even more. It’s always a great idea to talk to a financial advisor to find the most suitable payment plan for you.


So, now we know the difference between a Ketto SIP and a SIP in Finance. So, if you also want to donate funds for someone in need. Download the new Ketto SIP app and check out how quickly the donation procedure can be done with the donation on the go feature. With the feature, you can choose the cause and direct your SIP to the cause, and it will be automatically renewed every month. You need to allow deductions from your credit or debit card once.

Over 100,000 lives have been saved with Ketto, and the number is growing every day. If you also want to create an impact in someone’s life, then visit Ketto and take a step.

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