Early Mortgage Loan Settlement UAE



In this article, we will provide you with relevant details about early mortgage loan settlement UAE. So, keep reading until the end. It is bound to help you.

There is a load full of reasons why one should clear up their mortgage in the UAE early. Some of those reasons include leaving your country or even selling out the mortgage rather than renting out your property. But is this the ideal way to opt, and does it even provide you with the right benefits?

Things that are bound to happen if you settle your mortgage early

When you have opted for a mortgage and the lender has accepted it, he has done so by first calculating their profit. Financial institutions’ calm and patient behavior allows them to think rationally and consider a higher sum that can be obtained during a bigger course of time rather than making quick but small profits.

They consider mortgages to be an impactful procedure, as they are bound to opt for customers who are paid every month. They also get a reasonable profit, making them again from all aspects. 

So, given this matter of solid thinking, you will get to how opting for a mortgage will restrict the bank from receiving future payments of interest. They are bound to make little or no profits from the mortgage, making them lose you as a vital customer. To avoid this, the banks or other financial institutions that act as lenders charge reasonable settlement fees to cut down their losses. 

The Benefits Of Opting For Early Mortgage Loan Settlement

Some advantages the potential customers are bound to get if they opt for a mortgage loan settlement are:

  1. By opting for settling your mortgage early, you are bound to be saved from paying huge amounts of interest as payments for the future. 
  2. While going for a fixed mortgage settlement, your savings will appear clearer as the repayments will be calculated more accurately. 
  3. Though one finds it easy to pay timely interest every month, it is way better if you are freed from the problem of doing so. This is because the burden of repaying the interest payments every month can be overpowering and can cut off a huge portion of your monthly salary. 
  4. Your quality and leisure of life are sure to increase if you choose to opt for an early mortgage settlement. It is a perfectly beneficial choice one must make. 
  5. If you come across the opportunity of settling a mortgage with an exquisite rate and want to switch over, never let go of it and hold it tight. You will not get such a golden benefit every time. 

The Early Mortgage Settlement Repayment Fees Charged

As the lenders get little to no profit if they accept an early mortgage settlement, it becomes difficult to make a living out of it. So, to compensate for such a loss, the banks and financial institutions charge a lender’s settlement fees. That is why, it is advisable to have a thorough talk about this with your respective lender to avoid conflicts of interest and misunderstandings in the future. They will help you massively to get out of your problem on time. 

Every mortgage is distinct in its way, and the lenders accepting this kind of settlement have different types of terms decided. Due to this difference in mortgage rules for every lender, it is vital to have it discussed and settled at the earliest. 

Different lenders charge different rates. While some lenders charge a rate as low as 1%, others charge a higher rate up to 2% or 3%. Always opt for a lower repayment fee, as it will save you from a lot of distress about paying the interest as soon as possible. 

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How To Repay The Mortgage Loan?

This question holds vital importance in deciding the eligibility of early repayment. Different lenders are bound to charge completely distinct fees based on the payments coming from. The loan settlement fees will be below if you are repaying using your amounts stored. However, on the other hand, if you are repaying via your business finance, a large settlement fee is likely to be charged by the lending institutions. 

The reasonable fees charged for loan repayment also depends on the nature of different lending companies. Some companies are lenient to the customers so that they charge a really small amount of fees if the payments come from the personal savings of the customer rather than the business finance. As such, the payment makes a huge difference in the number of settlement fees where you decide to settle. 

What Happens When You Settle The Loan Early?

In this method of settlement of mortgage loans, the case of interest is quite the opposite. Here, if you plan on paying off the loan extremely early, you are bound to be burdened with many early redemption fees, which will cost you a huge fortune. However, if you choose to wait for a few years before settling the loan, you are likely to enjoy the benefit of a light, breezy settlement fee. As the number of penalties will drop down to a much more considerable extent, you will be relaxed and gain its benefits when in need. 

If One Pays Off The Loan Faster, What Will Happen To Overpayments?

Though the main fact is that paying off your mortgage loan early can unleash a heavy burden of higher penalties, you will also be provided with benefits. This can be proved by stating that numerous banks of UAE offer the benefit of overpayments with zero fees. This is sure to provide you with two major advantages- to lower the interest to a drastic extent and to accelerate your mortgage. 

Given the salaries prompted in the UAE, this will be a more fruitful opportunity to opt for rather than in Europe. This is because, in Europe, the impact of the rate percentage of your mortgage will be more consequential. 

Paying more than the payment of monthly mortgage prescribed regularly will reduce the years of the final settlement. So, if you truly wish to pay back your mortgage early, you will be provided with the advantage of paying lower fees. 

Why Is It Vital To Discuss Your Early Mortgage Loan With Your Advisor?

If you are completely sure about settling your mortgage loan earlier than the prescribed time, you must make sure to consult the whole thing with your advisor before taking the next step. This step is crucial and should be taken before finalizing your mortgage loan repayment. By doing this, all of your future expectations and factors will give vital importance and will allow you to select the mortgage most appropriate for you. 

Since the main purpose of opting for an advisor is to make it easier and more beneficial for you, you must consider this. As such, the only support required by the advisor from your end is that you provide them with accurate and all of the information they should know about. 

Early Mortgage Loan Settlement in UAE 2022

By taking the last 25 years in comparison, it has been noticed that the maximum tenure on a mortgage loan is drastically higher in length than that of other loans. Though it has been the sole aim of the people opting for mortgage loans to have the ability to be debt-free before the period of repayment, the lenders are bound to charge a particular amount as mortgage settlement fees.

In UAE, this rate of mortgage loan settlement was a maximum of 3 percent of the total loan yet to be received. Clearing the loan early can be quite expensive, as the capital is large for most cases. 

The Mortgage Loan Borrowers Have Been Encouraged To A Drastic Extent

Over the last 25 years, the rate of loan settlement in the UAE was believed to be 1 percent, and the UAE Central Bank uplifted this to 3 percent last year. This enabled the mortgage lenders to charge a settlement fee of rate up to 3 percent of the loan yet to be paid. Seeing the failure prevalent by doing so, the UAE Central Bank reduced the rate of mortgage settlement fees back to 1 percent. This encouraged the borrowers to promote clearance of their loan and become debt-free if the lenders were willing to offer additional benefits for granting this type of loan.

This will ultimately lead to the borrowers’ saving of a lot of money, as they will freely be able to clear off their debts at a faster rate. So, focusing on such a factor can help you a lot to make better financial decisions too.

Now, the customers who have already been free of their debt by clearing the mortgage loan can make a visit to their lender’s office for the refund of the extra amount paid earlier. By reducing the settlement rate of this kind of loan, the UAE Central Bank has also increased the maximum age criterion of people who can opt for a mortgage loan. Now, mortgage loans can be granted to people who are less than 70 years old at the time of loan repayment.

In this process, the lenders themselves can decide the most appropriate age limit, thus avoiding any confusion or hindrances. By the upliftment of age gaps, several opportunities have been created to benefit selected real estate investors. 

A Positive Impact On The Real Estate Market

The reduction of the mortgage loan settlement rate from 3 percent to 1 percent by the UAE Central Bank has created a positive and significant impact on the present and future of the real estate market. By doing so, the UAE will be enriched with benefits in numerous ways. They will now be able to significantly boost their property sales and serve as an encouragement to promote new, potential investors in the real estate market. This will also help save a large amount of money both on the rate of interest and the charges of early redemption. 

Has The Decision Of Reducing The Rate Of Mortgage Loans Been Significant On The Borrowers?

The UAE Central Bank has initiated a new rule of reducing the mortgage loan settlement rate from 3 percent to 1 percent. This also helps make sure that the customers who have paid extra interest in the previous years will be refunded during one month.  As such, there are many people who also wish to exit their mortgage early and will not be charged an early 3 percent rate of settlement fees. This move has proved significant for the borrowers as they can now turn towards lenders who will offer better and lower interest rates for the mortgage loan settlement fees. 

Also, these borrowers will benefit from making a lot of savings, as they do not have to pay higher payments as interest. This new system has been prevalent since June 2018 and has positively impacted the lives of several mortgage loan borrowers. These lower fees will assist the borrowers to take full advantage of whichever loan rate is lower, thus being able to refinance with other, more potential lenders. Such a strategy is bound to show positive results at the end of the day.

Another amendment made by the UAE Central Bank is removing the age gap for opting for a mortgage loan. One can only issue mortgages to those who will be 70 years old or lesser at the time of loan repayment. This will create better and more profitable opportunities for both buyers and investors, as they will be more than willing to use such facilities. 

The Bottom Line

Given the recently introduced amendments made by the UAE Central Bank, early mortgage loan settlements will prove to be a boon for both the investors and the borrowers. Helping people make a lot of savings every month and allowing people of almost every age to opt for such a loan are the two important benefits of an early mortgage loan. 


  1. What is the time frame for purchasing a new house in Dubai?

A typical property transaction in Dubai takes roughly 30 days from the date the Agreement for Sale is signed to completion.

  1. How can I calculate the value of a property in Dubai?

House Finder Group, an online real estate platform, has created a free application that allows individuals to estimate the cost of a property in Dubai.

  1. What kind of taxes does the owner of the property have to pay?

There are no taxes on property or any money earned from it in the UAE because it is a tax-free country. However, the property owner is liable for the annual maintenance fee and service charge payments, which must be paid to the management company appointed by the owner’s association.