Easy ways to get a personal loan in Jaipur for a wedding



Personal Loan in Jaipur

The pink city , a visually gifted place, is this state and its attractive colorful scheme all around. Being the tenth most populous city in India, Jaipur is known for its heritage and culture. The state has buildings, places, and substantial fortified gates that speak wonderfully of this historically prosperous city. It has many traditional shops that showcase antiques, jewellery’s , handicrafts, gems, pottery, etc. It can also be your shopping destination as well.

But when it comes to planning a beautiful wedding in India, Jaipur always tops the chart being the foremost choice. Its spectacular architecture, royal aura, and beauty of Indian culture makes it ‘the hub for destination weddings’. So, have you been planning a regal marriage in Jaipur? Then you are in the right place as this article will provide you with tips and tricks on how you can manage your financial needs to plan your destination wedding by availing personal loan in Jaipur.

Therefore, this article will discuss how you can arrange a dream wedding with the help of borrowing a personal loan in Jaipur.

How Much Can A Destination Wedding In Jaipur Cost?

Being the most popular choice for destination weddings, Jaipur can be very expensive. The cost might stand somewhere between 15 crores to 50 lakhs or beyond. This cost includes the wedding decor, accommodation, travel, food, etc.; the significant chunk in such a wedding is actually spent on food and accommodation. In most cases, you can’t have this vast amount prepared with yourself beforehand. When such immediate financial need occurs suddenly without any notice, then that is the apt time for you to apply for an instant personal loan in Jaipur.

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How Does A Wedding Visually Look In Jaipur?

As a wedding hub, Jaipur has various choices for you regarding hotels, resorts, etc. Hotel’s expenses are starting at mid-budget to high-budget luxurious hotels. Most weddings last for 2 to 3 days; some couples and their family might extend it longer or cut it to shorter days. The wedding day and the reception are the two most important events of the wedding, but it can also rest upon their convenience and choices.

How Can You Take A Personal Loan?

To apply for a personal loan for a wedding, you have to prepare with the following criteria to get a personal loan instantly.

  1. How much do you want to borrow?

You should remember that you should never forget the reason behind getting the loan, whenever you plan to borrow money. You should ask the exact amount you need at that moment . It would be best if you did not borrow more or borrow less as you might be asked to turn to a more expensive loan source at the last minute. You should apply whenever you think you can afford the same.

  1. Monitor your credit score.

Availability of personal loans heavily depends upon your creditworthiness. Your credit loan should be more than 700 in order to take such a massive amount for the loan. If you want to check your credit score before applying for the loan, you can use Buddy score to keep track of the same. Buddy score can make it easier to analyse your credit score and if you are eligible to apply to apply for the same.

Even if your credit score does not fall in the required range, you can still avail of a personal loan, but the only difference is that you might be charged with higher interest rates.

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  1. Who can be your lender?

Availability of a loan to various lenders can be a waste of time and energy and impacts one’s credibility mainly in a negative way. Therefore, choosing only one lender and analysing the interest rate will lead to instant loan approval.

However, you should choose a lender only if you are comfortable paying the interest provided by them.

  1. You should maintain a good balance.

A good balance will welcome a higher repayment capacity, which will be in favor of both the lender and borrower.


  • Identity proof (Voter ID, DL, Aadhar card)
  • Address proof (passport copy, voter ID, Aadhar card , Dl)
  • Two Salary slips with joining date , bank statements of two months AND
  • Bank statements of two months .
  • Income should start between Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000
  • You will have to perform the process to verify your phone number

After providing all these required documents, the authorities will notify you if the loan is sanctioned, and the amount will be directly disbursed to your account.

  1. Selecting the loan tenure –

You should select the wise loan tenure for yourself. Going for a longer tenure can increase your chances of getting higher interest rates. However, if you are borrowing a large sum of money, you should go for a longer repayment tenure.

  1. Going digital

If you require urgent personal loans, you can get one by applying for them online. Going digital will demand fewer documents that will eventually help you get a quick loan approval of personal loan.

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If you follow the above procedure, you can apply for an instant personal loan in Jaipur to have your urgent financial needs fulfilled. As Jaipur is the most popular place for destination weddings, choosing the state to celebrate your day is a good choice. However, as discussed earlier, planning a wedding in Jaipur can be expensive, and applying for personal loans in Jaipur for huge expenses can help you lighten your financial burden.


  • What are the most important eligibility criteria for a marriage loan? You should avail the loan if you are a salaried person and self-employed person. You should fall under the age group of 21 and have a secured income.
  • Are there any other fees to pay?

Some lenders offer personal loans with additional fees. However, these additional fees differ from lender to lender. Therefore, the terms and conditions of the lender should well inform you.

● Can you share the responsibility for the repayment?

Yes, you can, by having a co-signer or co-applicant with you. Having a co-signer will also help you with the loan quickly.

  • Can wedding loans affect your other financial goals?

You have to understand the importance of paying all your dues clearly and on time. If you do so, then the loan shouldn’t affect your other financial goals; instead, it should help you fulfill them.