Emma launches commission free stock trading



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Joining a quickly growing group of fintech companies to offer digital wealth and investing services in the UK, Emma

Emma launches commission free stock trading

Image source: Emma

Emma, a personal finance app that users track spending and help them budget through open banking, has branched out to offer commission-free stock trading.

The company launched in 2019 and raised a $2.5m seed round in March of 2020 on the cusp of the pandemic. 

Now, according to a media release, the company has more than 1 million customers in the UK. 

Through Emma Invest, customers can access more than 2,000 fractional global stocks after successfully testing the feature in a beta test with more than 30,000 users who registered on the waiting list. 

Users will be able to track stocks with watchlists, and view stocks under categories like “top trending, female CEOs, biggest daily movers”, according to a media release.

The investment platform will also be moving into ‘social trading’, allowing users to share their investments with others. Emma is also working on offering cryptocurrencies to users.

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