Estateguru is bridging the gap in property finance



When investing, your capital is at risk.


We’re delighted to announce that Estateguru is back to raise another equity round on Seedrs. Certainly not new to this, they’ve raised €2.1m on Seedrs to date, and at each time overfunding. So what is it about Estateguru that investors love?

It’s that they deliver on their word time and time again. The European market-leading real estate investing platform has built up a sturdy level of credibility which makes them an appealing investment opportunity. Before we look at their recent successes, let us introduce you to Estateguru and the problem they solve. 

🏘️ The issue with the real estate market

Investing in property and real estate can be lucrative. Idealista cited that real estate investing is more attractive than ever in Europe. According to CBRE, European real estate investing reached an all time high in 2021. €359bn was invested, up 25% from 2020. 

But entering the market can also be a long and challenging hurdle. Those looking to tap in usually need a large ticket size, and preferably in cash. However, once you get in, there are plenty of benefits to investing in property. To name a few:

  • Alongside the natural appreciation of property, there are things you can do to increase the value of your investment. 
  • As a real estate investor there are tax benefits.
  • Your property can generate regular cash flow. 
  • You can leverage the property’s value. 
  • It can be passed down or sold later on. 

Additionally, not everyone has the time or expertise to conduct thorough due diligence on investment opportunities, which can lead to committing to the wrong investment deals. The impact of COVID has also shown the imperative need to diversify your investment portfolio to reduce the risk of losing all assets. Real estate project owners can also struggle to get financing from the bank due to their lack of risk appetite. So a lot of projects do not start or get abandoned midway. 

💡 How does Estateguru solve this problem?

Estateguru knows that even during uncertain times, real estate usually comes out on the winning side. They enable their investors to invest in secure business loans for real estate project owners. They also believe that these opportunities should be accessible, a common goal we share. That’s why individuals can sign up onto their platform and start investing with just €50.  Estateguru manages all the paperwork and due diligence, think background checks, risk analysis and vetting project owners. 

For project owners, Estateguru helps them get funding five times faster and 50% cheaper than traditional lending institutions. They service all around Europe, and with new investment, they’re on track to expand even further. 

How do they make revenue? They earn money by charging borrower fees which means no extra fees for investors. A bonus on top of the fact that Estateguru investors benefit from above-average returns. 

🏆 So how are Estateguru doing so far?

Last year was a big year for the EG team. They completed €212m in financed loans, bringing the total to €560m. Their investor-base increased by 46,600, which now sits at over 130,000 investors. Investors saw great returns of €15.8m earnings in interest, and Estateguru’s team has grown significantly to 117 employees. Early investors would’ve noticed their share price increase since raising on Seedrs by 54.6%.

Most importantly, they powered through a very difficult period for all businesses and defied the odds. So it’s no surprise that with a current fundraising goal of €500,000, they’ve already exceeded their target by 270% currently sitting at over €1.3m from 1,176 investors.  

🚀 What’s next? 

Estateguru has big goals. They want to complete €800m of financed loans each year, and they’re on track to get there.

In the meantime, with the funding they raise from this round, Estateguru plan on:

  • Continuing to scale the business in the UK & Europe.
  • Opening up the business into 3 new markets. 
  • Launching an interactive app for their retail investors. 

Lastly, they want to invite previous and new investors to come on board for the next phase of their journey! If you are interested in the work Estateguru is doing, check out their campaign here