Family wealth plans help secure clients of tomorrow



A comprehensive family wealth plan, including pensions and gifting, is also an efficient and productive way to get in front of the clients of the future, according to a leading Financial Planner.

Chartered Financial Planner Roger Jackson of FMB in Cumbria strives to build relationships with the whole family, as he explains in our latest Planner Casebook in the current edition of Financial Planning Today magazine.

He believes this is the best way to ‘future proof’ his business and offer the best advice to clients while keeping the whole family happy and potentially the clients of tomorrow.

In the Casebook, Mr Jackson says the client’s primary objective in working with FMB was to ‘protect the family silver’ by gently moving assets and wealth down through the family to allow everyone access and enjoyment of the money the client has accumulated.

The client wishes to keep things equitable among each of his three children, as the Casebook explains.

The Planner Casebook, a regular in each issue of Financial Planning Today magazine, discusses how pensions and gifting are a great way to engage with future generations.

The Planner Casebook is from the May-June edition of Financial Planning Today Magazine. You can view the full article by clicking the link below.

You can view a full preview by clicking this link

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