Favorite 5 – Mama’s Me Time Necessities



Amanda’s Favorite 5

Do you spend so much time pouring into everyone else in your life, that you don’t even know what to do when you get time for yourself? I’m a mom that fully indulges in me-time multiple times a week because I need it in order to be good for my family. Here’s how I love to spend my me-time!

*Reminder: availability is subject to change without notice. *

  1. Spicewalla Grill Seasoning – For the dad that likes to cook, try these grilling spices. The flavors are great and they work with sorts of meat – even vegetables!

2. Steel Tumbler & Golf Accessories – For the dads who golf, one of these Callaway stainless steel tumblers. It even comes with some accessories like tees, balls, and divot tool.

3. Connect Hearing Protection For the dad that likes to work outside or with loud tools, get him these safety earmuffs. Not only do they offer hearing protection, they’re also bluetooth enabled so he can listen to music or take phone calls while wearing them.

4. Luxafor Switch – For work at home dads, get him this cool, status indicator. With a flip of the cube, the status light changes colors, allowing him to quickly let others know when he’s on a call or doing deep work. I have one, and my kids think it’s great!

5. BUG-A-SALT – For the dad who likes to have fun (and hates bugs), get him the BUG-A-SALT. This toy gun uses table salt to knock out flies and other pests. It’s fun and effective, and he’ll absolutely love it 🙂

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