Five ways to stay organised on the job hunt



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Jobbio’s Kirstie McDermott dives into the best ways to keep on top of interviews, calls and job hunting statuses.

Five ways to stay organised on the job hunt

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Is there anything like the panic filled, sweat-beading, stomach-dropping, heart-skipping-a-beat feeling you experience when you realise you’ve missed something really, really important? You know – like a job interview?

With the best intentions in the world, we all mess up. Job hunting is hard. It’s stressful, it’s full-on, there are a lot of threads to keep hold of – even more so if you’re juggling multiple applications across various different stages.

Tech hiring processes in particular are labyrinthine. Time-to-hire for tech roles can be up to 45 days for recruiters at large companies, and the interview process can feel never ending with initial calls, technical rounds, culture-fit sessions, meetings with your immediate supervisor and team – and whatever else the company deems important. One light in the murky darkness is Google, which has assessed past interview data and decided that four interviews is enough to make a hiring decision with 86% confidence.

So how can you stay on track of your interviews, calls and job hunting statuses? We’ve got some suggestions below.

For Organisation

For those who like to keep things fuss-free, a spreadsheet will do the job admirably. Google’s Sheets tool allows you to access your information from anywhere, so is a great pick. Set your sheet up the way you want – adding fields for companies, jobs you’ve applied for, interview stages and follow-ups, for example.

A more visual way of doing the same thing is Trello. Designed as a collaboration tool for organising projects and tasks, it works perfectly for solo endeavours too. You’ll create lists for each company you’re applying to, and within them, you can add cards for specific tasks, which can be dated and have their own notes. You can also add attachments, for example the tailored CV and cover letter you’ve created for each job application. It’s a little bit like an expandable white board, filled with loads of Post-Its – it is so handy. Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?

For Distraction

Staying focused is important too: We all spend a lot of time getting distracted when we’re meant to be concentrating.

Escape is an app that tracks how many times you open your email, social platforms, or other websites. It gives a daily report which lets you know how many times you were interrupted by any of the above, as well as the duration of the distractions. The aim is to help you understand the time you may be wasting, which you can put back into your job search.

Freedom is another app that blocks the websites and apps that distract you the most. Choose what you want to block, select for how long and on what devices, and away you go.

The One Big Thing app gets you to accomplish one set goal each day. Add your task, for example, to write a cover letter, send in an application or do follow-ups – and the app will help you to make it a focus and get it done.

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Solution Architect – Data Science, eClerx

The Job: The Solution Architect – Data Science will work across diverse problem statements, mentor a team of deeply passionate data experts, and have direct access to C-level leaders and their priorities.

The Responsibilities: You will collaborate with clients to understand their business objectives and provide analytic solutions that positively address their needs.

You’ll Need: Previous experience as a customer-facing data science and analytics expert with experience as a team leader.

Apply: Information on the Solution Architect – Data Science role is available as are further roles at eClerx.

Core Infrastructure Engineer – DevOps – Telemetry (Remote), Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

The Job: The DevOps Engineer – Telemetry is critical to the Kraken platform and infrastructure. You are smart, highly skilled, and self-motivated, with a penchant for out-of-the-box thinking

The Responsibilities: You’ll become a member of a large DevSecOps team, and will be expected to contribute and learn across the full cloud engineering stack.

You’ll Need: Scripting Experience in Python or Go is preferred, as is experience with monitoring and alerting systems.

Apply: Discover the DevOps Engineer – Telemetry role and check out more jobs at Kraken.

Mobile Engineer, Zopa

The Job: Zopa is looking for strong Mobile Engineers with experience in delivering iOS and Android mobile apps from conception all the way to release.

The Responsibilities: You will work in a small, cross-functional squad on feel-good money features or you’ll be making Zopa’s app more and more robust and delightful.

You’ll Need: Experience developing cross-platform mobile apps, including using native features is essential as is strong experience working with React Native. A solid understanding of version control tools, ideally Git, and a passion for your craft and doing things “right” are also needed.

Apply: The Mobile Engineer role is available here or find more roles at Zopa.


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