For Staff Member Turned Advisor Joleen Yelton, Dreaming Big Pays Off



When Joleen Yelton, principal and advisor of Sparks Financial Services, first set out on a path toward a psychology career, she never imagined becoming a financial advisor and business owner. But when her cousin, advisor, and Sparks founder, Cheryl Sparks, expressed interest
in recruiting Yelton during a family vacation, she began to dream big and out loud.

Soon, Yelton and Sparks devised a detailed plan for introducing Yelton to the industry and helping her gain experience to evolve from staff member into Sparks’s successor. The transition didn’t happen overnight—the two worked with a business coach for more than 10
years to set goals, define priorities, and establish a timeline. This process included a collaborative approach to building trust with the firm’s clients so they’d feel comfortable and confident when Sparks passed the baton to Yelton.

In this conversation with Commonwealth’s Becca Hajjar, senior vice president, field development, Yelton talks about keeping her eye on the endgame, having the right mentor in Sparks, and the tenacity of the women in the industry who helped make her dream a reality. Watch the video to learn more about Yelton’s story.

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