Former mortgage broker sets up paraplanning service



A new mortgage paraplanning service Broker Support has been launched by former mortgage broker David Stubbs. 

Stubbs, who has 18 years of financial services experience, has previously been self-employed as part of the Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB). 

Prior to that, he worked for First Mortgage, also part of MAB. He has also been part of the Primis Mortgage Network. 

Stubbs says he has set up Broker Support to change the mortgage support industry with a new mortgage administration service.

The new business aims to support brokers across various areas including completing fact files, chasing documents, making calls and guiding the mortgage broker’s clients through the process.

Commenting on the new business, Stubbs says: “I loved being a mortgage advisor but know myself that there is a lot of running round as part of the job, which can be difficult to keep up with. That’s when I came up with the idea of setting up a new business, designed to do all that running round to support other mortgage advisors.”

“Essentially Broker Support is outsourced paraplanning. As I’ve been a mortgage advisor myself and have more than 18 years financial services experience, I understand what’s needed and exactly how to help.”