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Cancer – doesn’t it make you scared even to hear the name? This disease comes in many forms, but mostly, the culprits are cells that grow uncontrollably and attack your organs, skin, bones, and even your blood. Even as the rogue cells destroy your body, you may not even be aware that you are at an advanced stage of cancer and that it’s too late to ward off this deadly devil.

With cancer, the systematic process of cell growth and death breaks down. Abnormal and damaged cells do not die. Instead, they start growing uncontrollably and attacking good cells. The good cells stop functioning, which makes the rogue cells stronger. These then begin spreading to other parts of the body, forming tumors. These tumors may remain benign or develop into cancer.

Besides, even if one cancer cell is left behind, it can grow back and bring you back to the hospital – that is, if you are indeed lucky to have it diagnosed on time. The regrowth doesn’t need to start at the same place as earlier. The cancer can spread through the blood cells, attack any other part of your organs, and form a cancer tumor. 

Approximately 18.1 million people had cancer worldwide in 2020, and every day, people get diagnosed with this life-threatening disease. Many do not even make it to the hospital bed, as they cannot pay for medical treatment, surgery, or chemotherapy. 

And unfortunately, even after one gets cured as per medical terms, it doesn’t end there. One needs to take several precautions, have regular health check-ups, and take medicines to control the ‘bad’ cells throughout their life. And not to forget, those routine check-ups are not cheap. 

Funds for Cancer Treatment

As such, cancer is one disease that requires constant caring and long-term treatment, for which one requires significant financial aid. Paying for the treatment from your savings will not entirely serve the purpose unless you have a good amount of savings. Sadly, when you end up using these savings for your cancer treatment, you will be left with nothing for your rainy days. People in rural areas or migrant workers who work and earn enough only for food daily cannot afford savings. In their life’s dictionary, the concept of savings does not exist because they struggle to find one square meal a day. So, using savings for treatment is not an option for many people.

The second option is medical insurance. Again, in rural India, most people don’t have insurance policies. India has approximately 65–70% rural area. So, a major part of the population can’t depend on insurance to treat such deadly diseases. Who do you turn to for treatment funds when you don’t have enough savings and no health insurance policy?

Not that all people who have health insurance are lucky. Many insurance policies do not cover your complete expenses. Few policies do not pay pre-and post-treatment changes. Yet some do not have cashless services. In that case, you must pay out of pocket for the treatment, which means you are again running for financial aid. How would you manage the finances?

Asking your family and friends for help is another option. However, this is not easy either. People in your circles may not have such an amount to spare, or if they do, they may not be ready to part with it immediately for fear of not getting it back. So, asking friends and family for such a huge amount will not help.

Your little savings are vanishing slowly, and you need cancer funds for treatment. So, what next? Medical loan? A big NO.

First, you will not get the loan without all documents and mortgages. Even if all the documents are in order, you may not get the funds when you need them, and you may not get the amount you need. If all goes well and you get it as per your requirement, you would be sinking with the burden of repayment with huge interest. These loans may end up being a load on your back for life – for them, it might be business as usual, but for you, it is your life.

Cancer – the name itself sends chills down the spine. Some call it a curse, destiny, or karma. But when it happens, it ruins lives. It is not simply the patient but also the entire family that must go through the pain and the stress of present and future problems. Many people have ended up in great penury by the end of the cancer treatment journey. Granted, those expensive cancer treatments, procedures, drugs, and chemotherapy are like a rebirth to many. But by the end of the treatment, one becomes penniless.

But with cancer crowdfunding, you do not need to pay back the amount you have taken for the medical treatment. 

How Does Ketto’s Cancer Crowdfunding Work?

Online cancer crowdfunding campaigns collect small donations from several individuals, which, in turn, help those people in need of expensive cancer treatment. Apart from cancer treatment costs, additional expenses that occur before and after cancer treatment are very high. The cancer fund in these cases makes a difference in the fight against cancer.

Cancer crowdfunding and fundraising is a new-age procedure of collecting funds from known and anonymous individuals worldwide. Moreover, an online fundraiser is much better than traditional fundraising. The latter is a time-consuming procedure and requires an initial investment to organize its programs. Online crowdfunding, in comparison, is much easier, faster, cheaper with more transparency and fewer hassles. 

It is much easier to start fundraising online for cancer funds. Cancer fundraising online seeks financial support for verified medical causes from good Samaritans across the globe. This is where Ketto comes into the picture. Come join our family, and start your cancer fundraising campaign for a 0% platform fee. Take a step towards our platform, where our team at Ketto can help you get through the medical crowdfunding process and this trying phase of your life. We have devoted lots of time to innovating and improving our platform for a better outcome for the beneficiaries.

Medical fundraising doesn’t always come free of cost. There are several online fundraiser platforms. But these also charge certain percentages for each donation as handling charges, which varies from platform to platform. That’s where Ketto differs. Besides no platform fee, there is no restriction on currency either – Ketto accepts all currency donations. Donors can donate via net banking, UPI, and card, making life easy for them as well as the beneficiary. Donors can see the fundraiser’s progress on a real-time dashboard. Ketto provides a fundraiser manager who will assist with the fundraiser 24×7. We also allow the beneficiary to withdraw funds at any point during the fundraiser.

Go for Cancer Fundraising on Ketto 

So, there’s nothing to stop you from getting yourself registered with us for cancer fundraising. You can also start a fundraiser for somebody you care for. It takes 5–10 minutes to get yourself started: a few steps, and you’ll be set up with a fundraiser for receiving donations from people who care for you. 

Register your account. Provide all the personal and banking details asked by the platform – ensure to not give any incorrect details. Once your account is ready, you can create your fundraising campaign. Don’t forget to mention the reason for crowdfunding and the surgery date. Wait for your campaign to get approved by us at Ketto. We’ll also give you guidance on how to do it, but it is you who must share the campaign on social media, family, and friends. Use social media for publicity. It is your story that will connect with prospective donors and motivate them to support your cause. So, be true to yourself and share your story with people who care. If it hits the right chord, it won’t take much for the funds to flow in. Don’t forget to thank the donors when you receive the fund.

Cancer crowdfunding has helped and saved millions of people’s lives and brought smiles and relief to their near and dear ones. Come and get yourself or a loved one registered on the Ketto platform for free.

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