Growing Pains | Patreon Blog



The intent of this post is to apologize to our creators who have recently experienced performance issues with, and more importantly, to provide transparency into our current efforts to fix them ASAP. Over the past few weeks, the site has experienced a lag in page loading along with several site outages. This is unacceptable. We take full responsibility and will not sleep until these issues are 100% resolved.

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely, so if additional performance issues do arise, we will address them immediately while we invest in developing a permanent solution. Please know, payment processing has not been affected. We are able to charge patrons on time and get creators paid with no delay.

Why did this happen?

This year has been unprecedented on many fronts, including the influx of patron support for creators and the number of new creators launching on Patreon. It’s phenomenal to see both creators and patrons discover the power of membership at such a rapid rate. As such, it’s put enormous pressure on our database and core systems in a very short time frame.

What are we doing about it?

To solve these issues, our engineering team is deploying immediate fixes on a daily basis, which includes improving page load times for creators with growing fan bases. We are also scaling our infrastructure and revamping our architecture to ready our foundation for the future. In short, we are working around the clock to address near term issues while we enhance our platform to support the exponential growth of Patreon creators for many years to come.

You depend on us. We need to be stable for you. We’ve made this our number one priority company-wide and it will continue to be until consistent performance is realized. For ongoing status updates, please check out or our Twitter handle, @PatreonSupport.