Growing your membership globally with new currencies: Euros (€), British Pounds (£) and U.S. Dollars ($)



Earlier this year, we announced that we were making strides to further connect creators and patrons across the globe. With more than 40% of our creators and patrons on Patreon based outside of the U.S., we know how important it is to create localized experiences that make everyone feel welcome. Our first step back in February was to give newly launched creators the ability to price their tiers in their own local currency of Euros, British Pounds or U.S. Dollars.

Now we’re excited to announce our next step toward a more connected global community: creators can now choose to let their audience and patrons pledge in Euros (€), British Pounds (£) or U.S. Dollars ($).

Starting today, this feature is available to all Patreon creators, but it’s opt-in for all current creators for the next two months to give you time to prepare. New creators who launch on Patreon today (August 5th) or later will automatically have the new feature enabled. On October 5th, we’ll automatically enable it for everyone.

Head to your creator settings to opt-in, or read on to learn more.

Currency conversion with full transparency.

Curious how currency conversion works on Patreon? When your audience lands on your page, your tiers are automatically repriced based on their local currency, helping them to feel more at home.

To set pricing in different currencies, Patreon maintains a publicly available global Price Book. The Price Book is set based on historical exchange rates, optimized for keeping prices as stable as possible for creators and patrons and ensuring that you know exactly how your tiers are priced in different currencies. Our goal is to update the Price Book about every 6-12 months.

Your audience and new patrons will see your tiers in their local currency based on the corresponding amount in the Price Book, and from that point, they will receive a transparent and consistent experience, paying exactly what they agree to pay at checkout every month.

For full details on how tier prices are converted, how you’re protected against currency fluctuations, and how exchange rates are reflected in your earnings, check out this Help Center article.

Expand your membership to a wider audience, regardless of location.

Now is a great time to let your international audience know about your membership. In working with creators offering currency choice, we learned that audiences from the UK and Europe are converting over 30% better when they can pay in their own currency. This also helps increase trust with potential new patrons who instantly feel safer pledging when seeing their local currency.

“Currency choice really opens up ways for me to help my international fans and grow my patron membership.”

Providing consistency for your existing patrons.

We know how important it is to maintain the highest level of trust with your patrons, which is why the choice to switch to a different currency is entirely theirs. Patrons can edit their pledge to their local currency whenever it feels right for them. To help you spread the word, we have some suggested messaging for patrons, which you can find here.

For patrons outside of the currencies we’re currently covering, they’ll continue to see your tiers priced in your payout currency.

For full details on the Price Book check out this Help Center article.

As a creator, what are my next steps?

  1. Once you enable currency choice, your audience who uses Euros (€), British Pounds (£) or U.S. Dollars ($) will see your tiers priced in their local currency.
  2. To let existing patrons know this is available, publish a post on your Patreon using our suggested messaging.
  3. We also recommend announcing this to your wider audience to help grow your global patron base, letting your international audience know that it’s now even easier to become a patron.

For more info on how to opt-in, check out this Help Center article. If you are using Patreon’s API or an integration that uses the pledge amount for any of its functions, you may need to make an update to account for the new currencies. Learn more here.

Our next step is to give all creators who want to switch their payout currency to €, £ or $ the ability to do so. We will make this available to you within the next couple of months, before we enable patron currency choice for everyone. You can expect to hear from us as we get closer to that time.