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WordPress is one of the most popular choices of platforms if you are low on budget! So if you want to build a nonprofit donation website on WordPress, that’s super easy and we will show you how.

non-profit donation website

In today’s post, we are going to give you the complete step-by-step guide on how to create a website for your nonprofit organization on WordPress with the help of Crowdfundly, an all-in-one fundraising solution. Let’s find out more below.

Is Digital Fundraising Challenging For WordPress Users?

As a WordPress user, raising funds for non-profit organizations might seem difficult. Integration of online payment processes, creating appealing landing pages to attract people or managing a whole campaign from your WordPress dashboard can seem overwhelming at first glance. Let us find out if WordPress is an ideal platform to launch your non-profit donation website or not. 

👉 Creating a non-profit donation website with WordPress is not hard. Instead, WordPress can be an excellent platform to include various utilities with useful plugins. 

👉 Integration of several payment methods may also appear to be a barrier. However, using plugins like Crowdfundly can help solve this issue. 

👉 Even when a non-profit donation website is created, it is tough to market it online. There are several plugins available for WordPress that allow you to quickly integrate social media to advertise your donation program. 

👉 You may already be familiar with SEO plugins if you use WordPress. By updating and optimizing your donation website on a regular basis, WordPress allows you to rank your donation website in Google search. 

Crowdfundly: An All-In-One WordPress Fundraising Solution

Crowdfundly WordPress plugin is a must-have for everyone who has a website and wants to raise funds for their donation campaigns. You can manage, build, and run campaigns on your WordPress website using this all-in-one fundraising plugin. This WordPress plugin will help your campaigns gain more attention on your website. 

Let’s find out all the amazing features Crowdfundly has to offer. 

Fundraising For Variety Of Causes

Crowdfundly allows you to create two types of fundraising campaigns. You can pick between donation-based and reward-based campaigns from campaign categories after you have installed and activated the plugin. To raise money for a charitable cause, you can use a donation-based campaign

non-profit donation website

For example, you want to raise money to feed 50 rural children from Swaziland. These could be some humanitarian causes that raise awareness among the general public. Using the Crowdfundly plugin on your WordPress website, you can easily create awareness without going through any difficulty. 

non-profit donation website

In reward-based campaigns, you provide your supporters with an incentive to donate and help you reach your objective. When they make a donation to you, you return the favour by giving them a prize, just as you promised. 

non-profit donation website

If you want to start a campaign like this, Crowdfundly’s Campaign Assistance can help you out. Its WordPress setup procedure is really basic and straightforward. All you have to do is follow the instructions and fill in the blanks. 

non-profit donation website

You can run many campaigns and manage them all from one spot if you choose the premium subscription plans for Crowdfundly. With advanced features, this WordPress plugin can improve your future fundraising experience.

Fund Collection From Donors

If you have organized your campaign already, get ready to level up your fund collection process with Crowdfundly. This WordPress plugin allows you not only to collect donations from online contributors but also from offline donors. This feature will help you to collect money from local supporters and spread the word quickly. 

non-profit donation website

On your WordPress fundraising site, you can quickly register donations by offline contributors and keep track of your campaign. With the help of Crowdfundly, your fundraising process is now more simple and flexible, helping you to become more efficient in reaching your target.

Most significantly, none of your funds will go through Crowdfundly; instead, they will be placed directly into your Stripe or Paypal account. You must provide your account credentials regardless of the method you use to receive payment. You can also do this from the Crowdfundly dashboard. 

non-profit donation website

Measure Fundraising Performance 

You might be wondering how you will know if your campaign is going strong or not. Crowdfundly’s built-in analytics tool will help you to measure the overall performance of your campaigns. You will get a detailed performance report from the statistic tab of this WordPress plugin. 

non-profit donation website

You can get statistics for all of your campaigns in one location, no matter how many you’ve launched. To access all of the settings, simply select the campaign and click the manage button.

non-profit donation website

Spread Awareness Through Social Media

Any form of a campaign should have a social media presence because it can attract more attention from the general public. You can share your campaign brochure on social media to reach a larger audience. 

non-profit donation website

You may even print the brochure and distribute it to local residents to raise awareness. The brochure is available in PDF format and can be downloaded. Crowdfundly’s shared content will include a QR code that visitors may scan to go straight to your campaign page. You may make the most of it in terms of campaign management. 

Raise Social Proof With Endorsement 

If you are a non-profit organization, an endorsement is vital to the success of your campaign. If someone says your campaign is running strong and they’ve known you for a long time for your wonderful work, it’s easy to gain trust from those who haven’t heard about it before. Crowdfundly lets you approve endorsements from others to grow your social acceptance gradually. 

non-profit donation website

How To Start A Non Profit Donation Website On WordPress?

If you have a website and want to raise money through it, you should look into the Crowdfundly WordPress plugin. With this WordPress plugin, you can manage and build campaigns on your WordPress site. This plugin aids in increasing the visibility of your campaigns on your website. 

Let us find out how you can easily use this plugin on your WordPress non-profit donation website with a step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Install And Activate The Crowdfundly Plugin

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugin → Add New option and search for Crowdfundly plugin in the search box. Click on ‘Install’ and then activate the plugin on your WordPress website. Afterward, you will find the plugin on the left side menu bar. This is how you can easily install and activate Crowdfundly

non-profit donation website

Step 2: Create Your Fundraising Campaign

After you have installed the plugin, you need to sign up with all the necessary information to start with it. Give your valid email address and password and create a new account in Crowdfundly. 

non-profit donation website

When you have successfully opened your new account, it’s time to create an organization. By doing this step, you can easily launch any type of campaign you want. 

non-profit donation website

Providing all the information about your non-profit organization, you can easily set up an organization account to launch your first campaign through Crowdfundly. After you have created your organization, the interface will look like below. 

non-profit donation website

Starting from campaign overview to campaign growth and revenue, you can check it all from one place. 

Step 3: Create Your Non-Profit Donation Website

You need to launch a campaign from the Crowdfundly dashboard. You can go step by step to create a fully functional non-profit donation website. Crowdfunding gives you the opportunity to customize your website with customizers. Navigate to Crowdfundly → Settings → Design where you will find the button ‘Design On Customizer’. 

non-profit donation website

You may customize three pages from the customizer: Organization Page, All Campaign Page, and Single Campaign Page. You can customize the appearance of your campaign website by following the steps given below. You may make your campaign layout more attractive by modifying the icon size, colors, and typography, among other things.

non-profit donation website

To customize the Organization page, you can style the slider and customize each button. You can turn this page more presentable by changing padding, height or other options. Don’t forget to click the ‘Publish’ button to make your website live. 

non-profit donation website

To beautifully display all of your campaigns, you can fully customize the ‘All Campaign’ page by changing the search bar icon, or button style. From page titles to thumbnail images, you can change it all if you want. 

non-profit donation website

In case you want to change the default single campaign page, you can also opt for that using WordPress customizer. This step is important because if you can turn your single campaign page attractive enough, you will be able to convince more people at once. 

non-profit donation website

Seamless Compatibility With Elementor & Essential Addons For Elementor

People use Elementor, a popular page builder, to develop non-profit donation websites on WordPress. If you’re building a website with Elementor, you’re in luck because the Crowdfundly plugin is entirely compatible with it. Crowdfundly provides you with three unique widgets to help you build your fundraising platform. You may now make a non-profit donation website without having to know how to code. 

non-profit donation website

Create Nonprofit Organization Page In Elementor Using Crowdfundly

For Crowdfundly users, Elementor offers a variety of widgets to help them design beautiful fundraising organization landing pages. The drag-and-drop function in Elementor can help you build pages faster. Select the required block and drag it to its proper location. You may now quickly improve your appearance. 

non-profit donation website

You can play around with the ‘Style’ tab and show your creativity. From this option, you can have boundless customization options to style your landing page. With Elementor’s interactive widgets, you can turn your landing page more interesting and informative at once.

non-profit donation website

Starting from the background colour to typography, you can customize it all using Elementor and Essential Addons. To have full control over the appearance of your website, Crowdfundly gives you the chance to have seamless integration options with Elementor and Essential Addons. 

Showcase All Campaigns In Elementor Using Crowdfundly

If you’ve arranged multiple campaigns, the Crowdfundly All Campaign widget allows you to showcase them all on one page in an attractive way. This widget can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the page to display all of the campaigns in an organized way.

non-profit donation website

Create Attractive Single Campaign Pages In Elementor

You can use Crowdfundly Single Campaign widget to build an insightful and appealing single campaign page for your site visitors to learn more about a specific campaign. You can fully personalize the page according to your choice by using all the customization options. 

non-profit donation website

If you want to take your donation-building experience with Crowdfundly to the next level, you may use Essential Addons for Elementor, which has a library of over 70 unique widgets. This plugin is used by over 1 million active users from all over the world to construct wonderful contribution websites. As a result, using WordPress to create a non-profit donation website has become more enjoyable.

Get Access To Ready Donation Website Templates

If you have already decided to use Crowdfundly WordPress plugin on your WordPress website, get ready to level up the website design with stunning Templately templates. Templately has more than 1000+ templates to create WordPress websites. From them all, we are going to suggest to you the best ones to create a brand new non-profit donation website on WordPress. 

TrustAid Elementor Template 

If you are a fan of minimal yet informative website designs, TrustAid can be the ideal choice to create your upcoming non-profit donation website. This template is specially built for this purpose. The TrustAid template is highly compatible with both Elementor and Essential Addons. So that it will be easier for you to create a lightweight and responsive website using it. 

non-profit donation website

Hope Elementor Template 

If you are a fan of animation, Hope template by Templately can be a great choice too. The Hope template is full of customizable elements. With Elementor and Essential Addons, you can easily customize the sections and add creative content where you need to. 

non-profit donation website

DoNation Elementor Template 

This template comes with a modern trend UI facility to make your website building process smoother. If you want to design your non-profit donation website with advanced features, you can easily opt for this template. The DoNation template is not only compatible with Elementor and WordPress, but also with Gutenberg. 

non-profit donation website

Build Your Non-Profit Donation Website Today With Crowdfundly

Since people’s online activities are increasing by the day, digitizing the fundraising process was an obvious choice. Start using Crowdfundly, an incredible fundraising WordPress plugin to reach national and international donors. Don’t forget to leave feedback if you’ve already decided to use Crowdfundly for your good cause. For more interesting articles, subscribe to our blog or join our Facebook group.

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