How Does Credit Score Help Get Lower Interest Rates?



credit score is madatory

Credit score:

Credit score is a numerical level analysis of the customer’s credit field, in other words, the customer’s creditworthiness. The Credit bureaus like CIBIL, Experian analyse the credit score according to the protocol . A credit report evaluates the lender’s potential menace constituted to the customer and dissolves losses due to poor debts. A credit score is imposed in various fields other than financial institutions to know the creditworthiness in alternate sources. Read on to know “How Does Credit Score Help Get Lower Interest Rates?”

What are the licensed credit information bureaus:

  1. CIBIL.
  2. Experian.
  3. Equifax.
  4. CRIF High Mark.

The five factors that are highlighted on an affected Credit score 

five factors of an effected credit score

History of past repayments:

Keeping track of your past credit history is the prior routine for credit scoring by financial institutions. One missed payment is considered a red flag to the customer’s credit history. The lender demands complete assurance as the customer gets to repay the loan amount. Use Buddy Score to check your Credit Score at the ease of the moment.

 Outstanding Payments:

Credit usage is likely to impact a customer’s credit score representing the Credit Utilisation Ratio. Outstanding payment is the division of the currently-using credit by the total of your complete credit limit. They help in the total graph of how reliable you are on the repayments on credits. The usage of above 30% of the credit is a red flag to creditors.

The credit security:

Holding a credit account for a more extended time makes a massive difference in the credit score procedure. Credit indeed matters with the tenure of older credit accounts, the assignment of new credit accounts, and the average total term of the funds.

 Distinct Credibility:

Customers usually utilise the diversified credit accounts with high credit scores—the different versions like EMI’s on Car, Two Wheelers, and luxury articles. The Credit Scoring system concerns the number of accounts and how well you manage the credits and rely on the customer’s credit score.


Inquiries include Hard Inquiries and Soft Inquiries. Hard Inquiries impact your credit score every time an inquiry comes. Indeed, if you want to apply for a loan and make checks with different financial tools, that helps in funding. The number of hard inquiries that those financial tools make on your Credibility affects your credit score.

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Does holding different credit accounts after credit score and how? 

Yes !! Distinct Credibility makes a big difference and is the most common factor in affecting the calculation of Credit Score in the customer’s credit field. In this case, when the customer has a Personal loan account with a credit card, it is understandable to be reliable on repayments, and it’s a positive note. 

How about your Utility Credit account makes an impact on Credit scoring!

For instance, if you have a service account and you pay your utilities doesn’t automatically affect your credit field, but then the outstanding balance may be a barrier to good credit management.

There is a changing system that includes instant credit loans. Buddy Loan is one of the most used credit tools to make an instant loan approval. This impact, in turn, requires lesser effort and time for the proceeding.

Buddy Loan is featured with Buddy Score, which helps in the instant credit score of the customer to ensure that the customer is eligible for the further process of loan approval. The poor credit score remains in the history for several years if the account shows redemption due to late payment with non-payment.

As mentioned above, there is always a set of parameters included in calculating a Credit score. Following comes the list that may or may not directly or indirectly affect the customer’s credit score quality.

Missed due on payment:

A missed payment is one of the most focused factors in Buddy Loan. Twenty days more late fees or crossed due might result in a red flag to the Creditor.

High Credit utilisation:

High Credit Utilization is again red flag implantation as it’s a High Credit Utilisation which means that the customer is too dependent on credits. Too much dependence on credits is a negative approach to handling the burden of too many credits.

Credit cravings:

Hard inquiries are made whenever the customer wants to claim a Personal loan. The lender would like to see if the customer had 10% and below to approve.

Account defaulting:

Bankruptcy, charge-off, and foreclosure are some of the most common factors that lead to a lousy Credit Score.

The keys to boosting the credit score:

 On-time bill payment.

Payment history is one of the most important remedies that can help keep a good credit score. Paying all the bills on time every month is critical in managing the credit score.

Debts down payment.

Reducing the Credit card balance can help lower the High credit utilisation, boosting the customer’s credit score.

They are clearing outstanding payments.

The credit score can be hurt because of insufficient data in the credit field.

 Timely information.

Raise a dispute when you find a lack of information in the account and try to resolve it the earliest to increase the credit score.

Limitations on upcoming accounts.

Limiting the new accounts can help reduce the hard inquiries, which can help increase the credit score.

What to do when you don’t have a credit score?

Getting a Secured Credit Card or Apply a personal loan which can help in boosting the Credit Score. Making regular on-time payments with the maintenance of healthy credit utilisation throughout.

Authorising you to become a credit user, the previous credit card use adds you as an authority. You can start using a credit card and keep track of payments, which will increase your credit score.

Credit score Quickies

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We saw the importance of credit score and how to manage credit score to opt for a Personal loan. Buddy Loan is a financial tool that gives Credit scores which is easy and efficient.