How EVC are helping the UK’s transition to electric vehicles



EVC charging points

As we all know, the UK electric vehicle market is growing fast. Last year, there were more electric vehicles sold in the UK than the previous five years combined. In response to this rapid growth, and the upcoming ban on petrol and diesel cars in 2030, the UK government has announced that the public charging network needs to expand tenfold to reach their target of 300,000 public charge points by 2030. In simple terms, that means putting more chargers in the ground, at convenient locations where the public can top up on the go.

EVC, our latest EV charging investment, wants to make a real impact on delivering this badly needed infrastructure through its innovative model of providing chargers at no cost to the destinations that host them. They have already built a national network and, with thousands more chargers in their pipeline, they are rapidly scaling up their business to meet this real challenge on our road to Net Zero.

Building a network focussed on high traffic locations

EVC focus their chargers on public locations where they can achieve high utilisation rates — such as residential developments, and so-called ‘destination’ chargers at hospitality, leisure venues, and hotels. This is why they have seen such high usage at the 200 chargers they already have in their network, which were all performing far in excess of their benchmarks in April and May.

Working with high profile clients in the hospitality sector

EVC’s current expansion is gaining momentum nationwide. They already have working partnerships with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry including Hampton by Hilton, Holiday Inn, ibis Hotels and Best Western. And they are looking to strategically scale the number of charge points deployed across their network throughout 2022, and with their current secured portfolio growing, EVC are set to be one of the leading destination charging networks in 2023.

EVC charger points across the UK

One of EVC’s recent installations took place at the Hampton by Hilton Ashford International Hotel. Hampton by Hilton recognised the importance of providing accessible EV charging to guests staying overnight, and they are now offering two dual socket 22kW chargers, as well as further infrastructure for an additional 6 points to all guests and the wider public. This service is providing guests a full charge within 3–8 hours pending on the type of vehicle.

EVC is open for investment now. Help EVC to make it simple and free for businesses to host reliable, user friendly public electric vehicle chargers. Find out more here.


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