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For years, cancer has been emotionally and physically exhaustive for patients as well as their families all over the world. It used to be considered as life-threatening as the mortality rate was high. But now, the situation has changed due to advancements in medical science; cancer is curable.

Covid-19, there has been a huge impact on the world economy and healthcare systems. It has led to new challenges for cancer treatment in India. Due to the huge increase in covid-19 patients, cancer patients got apprehensive of going out of their homes for their cancer treatment options and consultation, which led to delays in diagnosis and access to timely treatment.

Now, most of the cancer treatments options are easily available in India. But various cancer patients are not able to afford them due to the high costs of these treatments. Seeking a monetary donation for helping a family or individual pay for chemotherapy and cancer treatments is called cancer crowdfunding. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to raise funds for chemotherapy drugs and cancer treatment expenses.

It becomes very stressful for patients and their families after cancer is diagnosed. Partners, patients and family members suffer from financial stress, depression and anxiety.

The effects of Blood Cancer

Blood cancer affects the functioning and production of blood cells. Most blood cancer starts in the bone marrow, where the production of blood takes place. Stem cells in the bone marrow mature and lead to three kinds of blood cells: platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. In blood cancer, the usual blood cell development procedure is disturbed by the growth of abnormal blood cells. These abnormal cancerous cells don’t let your blood perform the usual functions like stopping serious bleeding or fighting infections.

Here are the three main types of blood cancer:-

  • Lymphoma:- This is the type of blood cancer that removes excess body fluids and enhances the production of immune cells, and thus affects the lymphatic system. Lymphocytes are the white blood cells that protect against infection. Abnormal lymphocytes turn into lymphoma cells which get multiplied and accumulate in lymph nodes and tissues. This impairs the immune cells over time.

  • Leukaemia:- It is a type of blood cancer found in the bone marrow and blood and is caused due to fast production of abnormal blood cells. A large number of abnormal white blood cells won’t be able to fight infection. Due to this, bone marrow won’t be able to produce platelets and red blood cells.

  • Myeloma:- is cancer in plasma cells. White blood cells or plasma cells produce infection and disease-fighting antibodies in the body. It prevents the formation of antibodies, thus making your immune system weak and susceptible to infection.

How Blood cancer is diagnosed?

Diagnosis mostly starts after a physical examination of your health. The doctor will check your health history, examine your lymph nodes and body, and search for any bruising or infection.

Different procedures and tests are used to diagnose blood cancer. Depending on the blood cancer type, tests will be done, and then the doctor will make the diagnosis.

1. What is a Biopsy test?

The biopsy test collects cell samples for examination in a laboratory. In blood cancer types like lymphoma, you require a biopsy of the lymph node to get a sample of the whole lymph node or lymph tissue. Testing the bone marrow in which blood cells are created will help diagnose blood cancer type. Doctors use the procedure to get a small sample of blood, bone and bone marrow from the breastbone or hip bone. The sample will be sent to the lab and checked for changes or abnormal cells.

Imaging scans are helpful for blood cancer types. A scan can be used to spot lymph nodes, a common symptom of lymphoma and is usually used to diagnose leukaemia, a blood cancer that doesn’t cause tumours.

As per an ICMR report in 2020, cancer was a non-communicable disease and will affect almost 1.5 million people in India by 2025. A large number of cancer patients will have a senior population. However, it will spread among young adults too. This is something to be worried about. Due to advancements in the medical field, cancer can be cured and controlled on timely diagnosis.

2. High cancer treatment costs and expenses

Battling cancer is difficult for the physical as well as mental health of the cancer patients as well as their family. And to worsen it, the families and patients also face another financial stress of arranging money and funds to pay for the medical bills of cancer treatment. As cancer treatments start, the medical bills of the treatments start increasing, thus making it more and more affordable for patients. The cost of cancer treatment starts increasing based on the stage of cancer and the course of treatment. Treatments like chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant and proton therapy cross at least 25 lakhs, while treatments like CAR-T cell therapy can cost up to crores. Over time, it was seen that the cancer patients and their families have become bankrupt or mortgaged assets to pay for the medical bills of cancer treatment. It’s not easy to get loans, too, as the credit score needs to be good, and the interest rates are very high.

3. Cancer health insurance plans are a bane

The cancer health insurance plan has gained popularity recently. But the patient can’t have any prior history of cancer or suffering from cancer symptoms to be eligible for cancer insurance. Even when all the conditions are fulfilled, health insurance plans vary and may pay for medical bills of cancer treatment depending on the case.

Ketto Crowdfunding the best option to raise funds for pre and post cancer treatments?

Crowdfunding is a very easy, convenient and low-cost healthcare finance option for cancer patients. Crowdfunding may become a big relief for cancer patients, and their families as it will help them to get funds online and they only have to say thank you. There is no payback amount with high-interest rates. You don’t have to worry about paying it back. With crowdfunding, cancer patients will get access to quality treatments through an online campaign to raise funds from well-wishers online. Various cancer patients have found crowdfunding to be an extremely effective method for paying medical bills, medical devices or any other expense due to cancer.

There was once a young IT professional who got diagnosed with cancer. After all the savings were exhausted on his treatment, his colleagues started a fundraising campaign for him on the Ketto crowdfunding platform. It helped him get timely treatment without worrying about paying back the expenses. However, sadly cancer relapsed again, and the family was again in need of funds. Another fundraiser was started, and again the money was collected by kind donors. Crores of rupees have been collected on various platforms for rare diseases. No matter what cancer type, stage or history you have, you can easily raise money without any interest rate.

Not just cancer, any other rare diseases like Pompe disease, DMD, SMA, etc., can also be the reason for a crowdfunding campaign. It helps to fill the gap between expensive medical treatments for Indians. The sole aim of crowdfunding is to save families from bankruptcy or spend their remaining lives in debt or poverty after paying for cancer treatments. Medical crowdfunding platform Ketto wants to make healthcare affordable for everyone by reducing the financial burden. So help us create awareness about our platform and crowdfunding as a cancer treatment financing option and play a crucial role in the battle against cancer!

How does Ketto’s Cancer Crowdfunding work?

You can start an individual cancer fundraising campaign or begin raising funds for a nonprofit that serves individuals affected by cancer. Individuals, families or friends can start the “zero percent platform fee” online cancer fundraising campaigns to pay for cancer bills, cancer treatments and stem cell transplantation. All you need to do is log in on an online crowdfunding platform and initiate a campaign, create a fundraising goal, fill in a few details, create your campaign page and promote it.

Are you fighting cancer?

You may speak to different people and get your cancer-related queries answered. Cancer is a malfunction of genes in our body cells, thus leading them to produce at a very high rate. These abnormal cells will be cancerous and lead to cancer and a faulty immune system.

How will Keto help you to create a crowdfunding campaign for your cancer treatment?

You can initiate a cancer crowdfunding campaign free of cost on Ketto, collect funds for yourself or your family member and pay for your cancer-related expenses and cancer treatment options. If you or any loved one have been diagnosed with cancer and need funds, you can start cancer crowdfunding.

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