How Macquarie makes it easier for brokers to do business



In early 2021, Macquarie Business Banking established a dedicated commercial property lending team to support its commercial broker network in meeting accelerated commercial property lending demand.

Brian Steele, Macquarie Business Banking’s head of commercial broker channel, explained how the bank is supporting its broker partners so they can meet the needs of their clients and grow their businesses in an evolving lending landscape.

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“Ultimately, we want to make it easier for brokers to do business,” Steele said. “So, we’ve invested in our business capabilities to better meet the needs of both commercial brokers and their clients.”

Macquarie offers its broker partners support at every stage of the business life cycle – from growth, mergers and acquisitions, to working capital, property purchase, and succession planning. They are also provided with strategic insights to support client conversations, while networking events provide them with opportunities to continually learn and connect.

Macquarie invests in digital capability, including tailor-made deposit, lending and payment solutions, as well as diagnostic tools, to improve broker and client experience. By creating an ecosystem of support and growing its commercial property lending solutions, the bank enables brokers to meet the needs of a wider range of clients.

In response to the increasing demand for specialist commercial lending, the bank has grown its flexible commercial property loan solutions to support acquisition and refinancing investments. These are also ideal for mixed-use property portfolios and can be tailored to different tenancy profiles. It also offers pure residential lending for borrowers with more than four investment properties.

“Our offering is very competitive in terms of flexibility and pricing, and our approach of getting to know the client and their business well ensures we are effective in helping them succeed and grow,” Steele said.