How They Can Contribute To The Indian Economic Ecosystem




The mainstream role of women in an economy is determined by the quality of work and nature of work they enforce into, the main factor that determines their contribution to the economy is their factor accountability in the gross GDP. An overall financial inclusion of women is crucial for the integration and expansion of the Indian economy.

How the numbers are expanding

In 2002 the net participation of women entrepreneurs was 7% with an income of 3%, in 2015 it has increased to the participation of 15% and a value gain of 17%. As we can see through this data that previously women were not much active but in recent time more women are entering into entrepreneurship club and increasing their economic grounds.

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How they were a better option

According to a recent report released by the World Bank if the number of women participates in the product business Indian economy will increase to two folds in the coming five years. When the Indian govt is pushing hard to position itself among the world-class business leaders, it has advocated many schemes like small business loan and ease of doing business. This has increased the economic contribution of women in medium enterprises, skilled based organization, and non-profit organizations. Even women who may not have an adequate educational qualification and background relative skill practice are making their mark in small industries.

Addressing the issues of women entrepreneur at the larger platform is giving a big push to young women coming forward and uplifting the Indian economy.

With a developing economy where sustainable economic growth is required, entrepreneurship from women focuses on the microenterprises which can easily work on restricted labour, small business loan, and minimum finances only.

Hidden potential in rural India

We should not forget that many primary producers of raw material at this primary level are an entrepreneur in their own way. They have the skill to expand their business if proper aid is provided to them. But for this not only economical help social issues need to be addressed also as the patriarchal nature of the family does not let these women grow.

Due to limited mobility and restricted exposure, the talent of entrepreneurship within them dies with time and they become dependent on the mediators for extending their market achievement scale.

Difficulty they face

1. Resources

Women find it difficult to arrange financial resource to their ideas some due to law restriction and other because of familial responsibility. Deposition of collateral becomes little difficult due to lack of asset.

2. Mindset

Entrepreneurship is considered as the risky option, women no matter how business-minded she can be are thought to be having a 9-5 job with paid leave, good salary, and perks.

3. Practical experience

Already lack of women entrepreneur, decrease the inspiration for the current female. They have very less exposure and less number to look upon and learn from.

In conclusion, we can say that women can perform even in slightest of resources as they have grit and compassion to win all over the world.