How to Add Tradelines to Your Credit Report Yourself: Free Guide



If you need credit repair, chances are you’ve asked yourself how to add tradelines to your credit report yourself. Good news: credit repair doesn’t need to be complicated. You can learn how to add tradelines for free and where to buy high-quality options with our handy guide.

How Banks Calculate Credit Score

The first thing you need to know is what the banks consider when they evaluate your credit score:

  • Payment history. Have you ever defaulted on a debt, or have you repaid all borrowed money on time? Banks take a more positive view of borrowers who make regular repayments on time.
  • Your debt balance. The bank considers how much you currently owe.
  • Type of credit. Some forms of credit are preferred to others when a bank is considering lending you money. It’s useful to maintain a healthy balance.
  • Duration. How long have you been in debt? The bank will consider how long it’s taken you to pay off your oldest account before it makes a decision.

If the bank is giving you poor scores on these criteria, it’s time to learn how to add tradelines to your credit report yourself.

How to Add Tradelines for Free

The best way to learn how to add tradelines for free is to walk into a bank and take out an account. There you go: simple as that.

However, while this explains the issue, it doesn’t teach you how to add tradelines for free that will benefit your credit score. After all, if you take out a credit account with a bank, you need to be able to maintain it and keep it healthy. This often goes the other way: you discovered how to add tradelines for free, but ended up with extra debt that you’re struggling to pay. And now credit repair seems even more distant.

What is a Primary Tradeline?

This refers to any credit option where you’re the owner and operator of the account. Most people have these options, but they’re only of use for credit repair if you’re able to independently sort out your finances and make regular repayments on time. This is a challenge for many people, which is why it’s an increasingly popular choice to seek out authorized user tradelines to augment your score.

Do Primary Tradelines Benefit My Credit Score?

It depends. Primary tradelines are a great option if you’re able to manage them effectively. If you struggle to make repayments, these options can harm your score. Poor-quality primary tradelines are a major reason that people seek out DIY alternatives for how to add tradelines to your credit report yourself.

You should be wary of sites selling primary tradelines because there’s simply no reason for you to take them. As the owner and operator, you’d be responsible for these options just as you would if you took out an account with a bank. Authorized user tradelines tend to be a far better option.

How to Add Tradelines to Your Credit Report Yourself

If you’re wondering how to add tradelines to your credit report yourself, you should consider authorized user tradelines. These have several advantages:

  • The account is owned and operated by someone else, typically someone with high limits and a very low utilization rate. This means that the bank considers the line safe, and its positive reputation weighs in on your credit repair efforts.
  • When considering how to add tradelines for free, ask yourself why a third party would want to get involved. If it’s because they offer seasoned authorized user tradelines, fair enough: that makes sense. If they’re offering free primary options, they may be trying to take advantage of your lack of technical knowledge. Remember: primaries are lines that you are responsible for. What profit could anyone look to make by selling you something when you already know how to add tradelines for free?
  • “Seasoned” means that the account has been active (and healthy) for at least 2 years. Banks are big fans of this rule.

Finding a Trusted Credit Line Vendor

Now that you know how to add tradelines to your credit report yourself, it’s time to find a reputable tradeline vendor. The best way to find a trustworthy source is to compare the best options for how to add tradelines for free or by using seasoned authorized user tradelines. Use review sites that compare the offerings from each site and judge which is the best option for you: everyone has different needs.

Also, ensure that your provider offers a wide variety of options. Banks love options: to a bank, the mention of “options” causes it to search a wide array of databases, which may yield positive and/or negative information regarding your score. Choosing a variety of options when you make your purchase increases the number of areas that the bank is drawing positive information from.

What Are the Best Credit Lines?

The best options are authorized user tradelines provided by a high-quality vendor. While you have to pay for these options, they’re inexpensive compared to the cost of not having them. Costs could include:

  • Worse terms on a mortgage (or outright refusal) caused by a poor credit score
  • Refusal of credit on items that you need, such as a new car
  • General instability and uncertainty when trying to plan your life

These options are perfect for anyone looking to achieve steady credit repair while building up a portfolio of manageable primary tradelines.

Conclusion: How to Add Tradelines to Your Credit Report Yourself

Knowing how to add tradelines for free is one thing. Understanding the best options that will help you achieve credit repair is another thing entirely.

And don’t fall for cheap tricks: when you’re learning how to add tradelines to your credit report yourself, you should only work with the most reputable vendors. Anything else risks negative results and even losing money and credit.

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