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How to buy a mobile on EMI with Easy EMI?


Owning a smartphone has become a necessity in recent times, regardless of our age or career. A high-end smartphone makes all our daily tasks easier, from completing professional projects to shopping online, entertainment intake, and communicating with friends and family. 

We have to update our mobile phones every couple of years or so due to new product launches and brand-new features. However, the latest flagship smartphones from top mobile manufacturers are vastly expensive.  

However, the high price tag makes it impossible for ordinary people to pay for it all at once. Fortunately, buying a phone on EMI is now possible. You don’t have to wait till you have enough money to buy something with the Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card. You can complete your purchase now and pay in affordable instalments later. 

So, if you’re looking to buy a new mobile on EMI with a fast processor and the most up-to-date features, the Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card can be the best choice for you. With our Ujjwal EMI card, you can upgrade to the latest smartphone on EMI and enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Instant pre-approved credit limit of ₹75,000.  
  • Zero foreclosure charges.  
  • One time documentation process.  
  • Flexibility to choose your credit limit.  
  • Easy EMIs with 0 processing fee*, 0% interest** & 0 joining fees* 

How To Buy A Mobile On EMI With Ujjwal EMI Card? 

  1. Download the SuperCupo App 

Download the Home Credit SuperCupo app from the Google Play Store. 

  1. Apply For Ujjwal EMI Card 

Register on the app with your mobile number & proceed with your Ujjwal EMI Card application. 

  1. Activate Your Credit Limit 

Submit the required KYC documents & choose your credit limit. 

  1. Select Your Favourite Product 

Choose your favorite product from the SuperCupo app and select Ujjwal EMI Card as your payment method. 

  1. Choose Your EMI Plan 

Select your preferred EMI plan as per your convenience & you’re done! 

With Home Credit Ujjwal EMI card, you can upgrade to the latest mobile on EMI without any worries about your budget. Apply for an Ujjwal EMI card today and get your favorite mobile on easy EMIs without any hassle! 



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