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4+1 steps you will need to follow to successfully launch a video for your marketing campaigns

Developing a project or business for expansion requires capital, which in many occasions the entrepreneurs may not have. Fortunately there are a number of ways through which business owners can raise capital such as bank loans, investment from friends or family, angel investors, VC or a relatively new approach to raising funds for your business called crowdfunding.

Recently, online equity crowdfunding has become a powerful tool used by entrepreneurs globally to raise the funds necessary to grow their business and develop their projects. Crowdfunding, when compared to traditional fundraising channels also enables businesses to build brand ambassadors, generate brand validation, open-up new markets and of course, create new marketing avenues. 

There are a few secrets for preparing a great equity crowdfunding campaign that business owners looking for investment should not leave unnoticed. In this article we will be looking at how to create a great video for your fundraising campaign. 

The growing importance of video marketing is evident, in a recent study by Statista 84% of the respondents said they expected an increase in marketing budgets aimed towards online video

Additionally, the importance of video from a consumer perspective is highlighted as studies recently showed that 54% of respondents are looking for more video content from a brand they engage with. An interesting fact is also that 58% of respondents said they consider companies that produce this type of content are more trustworthy and 71% said that videos leave a positive impression of the company on the viewer

Campaign videos enable companies to create an emotional connection and directly communicate with their audience. Striking the right tone is often more effective than the content itself. Catching the attention of investors is key to the success of your crowdfunding campaigns, so here are some simple guidelines to follow when preparing your video. 

1. Script and message. 

Your campaign video should inspire confidence and success. The script should be capturing the viewers attention from the very beginning to prevent the user from clicking out without giving it the attention it deserves. 

The video should in essence be focused on your company’s elevator pitch and straight to the point. Explain what you do best and why.

Structuring your video on the following principles gives you a great starting place:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Give them the story behind the brand
  • Use a clear call to action – ask them for their support and explain what their investment would be used for.
  • Pull in the reward factor – they will invest in your brand in return for what?
  • Make an emotional appeal and thank them for their attention

2. Production Quality

The quality of the production can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your video. How good it sounds and looks will directly impact the perception of the viewer. 


Make sure the sound is clear as if the viewers cannot hear or understand they will be more likely to click out. Additionally, in many occasions viewers might be clicking in and out or scrolling through the page whilst listening to the video and therefore sound might be the only interaction they have with your video. 

Whilst recording, make sure there is no background noise such as cars or wind and try to speak in a clear and enthusiastic tone. 


The lighting in a filming environment is key to the final outcome and quality of your video. You should position yourself at a 45 degree angle from the direction of light to steer clear of any glare. Your background should be clean to give you good depth, and you should be positioned either on the left or right side so post production editing can make the video more interesting by maybe adding graphics or words. 


3. Editing and Post Production 

An important factor of your video’s effectiveness is editing and post production of the raw footage. Mediocre editing can have a negative effect on your campaign video. Invest in a post-production editing professional. 


4. Copyrights Law

Make sure your video is not in breach of copyright laws by removing any logos from the video frames. Try to pay attention to clothing logos and keep away from adding your favorite song as background music, it is most probably copyrighted. Try to search for music on databases such as SoundCloud or Vimeo music store which are not copyrighted. 


5. Video Length

Time is of the essence. Unfortunately viewers attention span is limited and therefore campaign videos should be kept short. According to Microsoft, the digital attention span of most people is approximately 8 seconds. Therefore the time for explaining why an investor should invest in your business is not a lot. 

Generally videos of 30 seconds or under have 88.3% completion rate. This represents the number of people that will watch the video to the end. Therefore this should be the time frame through which you will need to pass on the necessary information to the viewer.

Remember, a video is a great way to create a strong emotional connection and inspire buy-in for your campaign, but it’s only 1 channel to market. Combine it with support from a trusted equity crowdfunding platform such as Eureeca and you should be on the right track to raising money from investors.