How to Find the Right Marketing Talent for your Ecommerce Startup



How to Hire the Perfect Marketing Talent for your Eccommerce Business

One of the primary concerns of ecommerce entrepreneurs is growth. Not only in revenue but also in the size of your team. Well-performing, inventive, and productive hires are even more important for startups, especially in their early stages. That’s why seeking, identifying, and hiring top talent and the most compatible people is critical.

What Kind of Marketing Talent?

Depending on the size of your startup, you’ll need to weigh three options when hiring marketing professionals. Should your ecommerce business recruit gig-by-gig freelancers, in-house employees, or a digital marketing agency?


Independent contractors are by far the most inexpensive option but don’t offer as much time, flexibility or short-notice support as employees or agencies. Freelancers can be beneficial if you have a one-off need or specific project you want to be handled. They often have specialized skillsets that can be deployed. They might need onboarding or require revisions because they won’t have the institutional knowledge about your business.

In-house employees

In-house employees are a great option if you have ongoing projects and are able to invest the time in training. The downside to an in-house marketing staff is that they sometimes have less specialized skills and develop as a jack-of-all-trades. If your company has the budget to hire multiple roles with specialized skillsets, an in-house team could be a great option long-term.

Marketing Agency

A marketing agency would be the most comprehensive choice but can come at a price. Agencies have employees that specialize in various aspects of marketing and often use teams to fulfill a variety of services for their clients. If your ecommerce product is showing great promise already, partnering with an agency can quickly take your business to the next level.

Tips for Hiring an Ecommerce Marketing Professionals

1. Results are Important

Good marketers can be easier to find than other professions because you can look at actual numbers. When meeting the candidates, make sure to ask data-driven questions like “How much did you increase sales?”, “How have you improved results with your campaigns?”, and “What was the return on investment?” The ideal candidate should be able to provide you with hard and fast numbers that prove they can get results.

2. Willing and Eager

The marketing landscape changes so fast that hiring based on experience alone can leave you holding on to people with obsolete skills. You want to hire people who are eager to grow, learn, and expand their knowledge. If someone shows an ability and willingness to do just that, that’s a person you want on your team. They’re passionate not only about growing professionally but also about growing for the good of your business.

3. Strategy vs. Tactics

Marketing is fluid, so you need to build a team that has a balance of tactics and strategy. The strategy ensures that your team is developing long-range campaigns and looking ahead over the next 6 or more months. It’s important that your team also stays on their toes with day-to-day tactics and be capable of pivoting at the last minute.

4. Think of the Company’s Culture

It can be tempting to hire someone with a mile-long list of achievements that include amazing campaign results. At the same time, you also want people who will fit in well with your company culture. If the team doesn’t mesh, your ecommerce startup will never reach its greatest potential.

Looking for an Ecommerce Marketing Agency?

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