How to Fund Education Through Crowdfunding in India?



The concept of crowdfunding is popular among third-world countries. It is a way of raising capital for an individual who needs money to fund education, medical emergencies, or other purposes. 

Various crowdfunding purposes include education, healthcare, providing shelter, rescuing animals, etc.  It helps support education for those students whose parents can’t afford quality education.

It can reach millions and create a network of people. The mode of collection is through a digital platform. The investors connect with the individual who needs the fund and verify the information. They also analyze the background of the individual before investing. 

The Goal of Crowdfunding in India

Crowdfunding in India is to supply donations for sustainable education practices. The process is executed by Ketto with the help of teachers and associations to collect funds for children. Several NGOs provide classroom materials and the necessities that a student needs. It also includes trust funds from the academic field. 

The Ketto online crowdfunding raises the amount to build the educational campus. The primary goals of Ketto can be listed as follows: 

  • To connect the prospect with a network of potential collaborators
  • It acts as a marketing aid for small businesses
  • To empower the needy with funds. 
  • To support and boost the education of the crowd. 
  • To facilitate any promotional activity for free for the masses.

Ways of Crowdfunding 

Crowdfunding can be done in different ways. It can be done with the help of a scholarship or sponsorship on platforms like Ketto crowdfunding. For students living in a remote corner of the country, Ketto has provided funds to provide quality education to them.

How to apply for crowdfunding? 

Applying for crowdfunding is not rocket science. It is super easy, and many students often apply for it. Here is the sequence through which one can apply for the same. 

  • Go to the dashboard of Ketto. Click on the “Start a fundraiser for free” icon.
  • Share your personal and academic details.  
  • Within a blink of time, the fundraising campaign is generated. Share the campaign with close references. People will instantly start supporting. 
  • The funds raised can be withdrawn as well. The process is compact and easy. The fund is directly transferred to the bank account of the fundraiser. 

Ketto also presented varieties of options to carry out the entire collection process. It has taken initiatives to get the fund from different crowdfunding facilities. The projects that Ketto handles can be both interstate or intrastate. 

Anyone can apply to the Ketto platform. It will help them secure the fund for educational purposes. The fund gives value to the idea of progressive India. This idea is carried out by providing education facilities. 

Education shapes the future of the country. Thus, people should help each other to achieve their dreams. Crowdfunding provides the support to build one’s career and direct them to a knowledgeable future.

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